Much broke my heart, but fixed my vision

There is much in life to celebrate. I truly believe that. Everyday I feel the need to either photograph the sunrise, belt out a tune or laugh a good belly laugh. Life is good. It can be. However, that doesn’t take away from the heartbreak one goes through. Must go through. Intense heartbreak that one feels in one’s bones. Its unavoidable. Inescapable. It happens. It needs to.

While the heart breaks and bends in separate pieces, one’s life vision can be sharpened as a result. What breaks your heart can fix your vision and provide invaluable insight and clarity.

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  1. I don’t agree. Since my husband of 30 years broke my heart (by filing for divorce in the last year), my life’s vision has become completely dulled. I’m a very long way from fixing my vision and greatly doubting that my broken heart will ever come close to providing or revealing insight or clarity of any value


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