I’m allergic to bears

I am a fairly healthy person. Except for.. well, I was going to joke and list 1000 things wrong with me. But maybe that wouldn’t be funny. To me it is. I’m an acquired taste perhaps. But, most of the time my labs come back perfectly. Except this time, my blood pressure was a little elevated. Still totally normal. However, not for me. Go figure my blood pressure rose a little during a pandemic. No way that could have been predicted. I’m kidding. That’s my mood today.

Despite my overall healthy labs, there is one thing I’m a bit off. And, that is my long list of allergies. Dust. Pollen. Ragweed. Shellfish. Cats. Pencils. Newspapers. I joke that I should roll around in a bubble. A rainbow bubble would be cool. I think I would laugh that whole time and not be able to walk straight, as a result. Ah, to have some good belly laughs during these times. Don’t we all need this? Yes, we do.

The other day I was passing by a group of young college students. They were laughing and yelling. And one of them then started talking about how they are allergic to bears. My ears perked. What? How does anyone come to find out that they are allergic to bears? That most certainly doesn’t get listed as a possible allergan on the allergic tests. I suppose she may have come across a bear in the woods and broken out in hives. Hives could have been due to fear. Yet, maybe it truly was an allergic reaction.

I think next time I’m filling out a medical history form, I may just list bears to see how that gets reviewed. The allergy review discussion is bound to be a good laugh session. Maybe then my blood pressure reading will decrease.

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  1. Thank you for the much needed laugh that I got when reading this. I definitely think you should put that you have an allergy to bears, if for no other reason the reaction from the doctor would be hilarious! 🤣🐻


  2. This made me smile. I think “overheard conversations” can be a whole other blog post. I once sat near two people having a business lunch, and one of them said: “I don’t mind hearing no; I love no!” I must have repeated that line for weeks after. 🙂 – Marty


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