I’ll make the most of all the sadness

I’ve been in the corner

Praying you won’t sink me under

Cause you lose something you can’t replace

Sinking weighted down by your cold stones

Tried my best but didn’t succeed

I should have known by now

Stuck in reverse

Hurt myself to see if I still cared

I’m going under and there’s no one to turn to

I’ll make the most of all the sadness

Growing up to feel

Find a rudder and apply it all the way

No stalled ship

Just no compass yet

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  1. Feeling Connected
    In Every Way is
    So Nice even
    Fitting into
    A Fiber Optic
    Cable to Say Hello
    Circling the Globe
    At Speed oF Light
    On A Finger Tip
    Only Hurricane
    Sally Lays it
    Path Away
    In Spotty
    Here’s A Hug
    For You too🤗


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