Never understand my weird mind

Oh, I think I’m losing my mind now

Write on my neck

Emotions are naked

You fight so dirty

Looking at me like you don’t know who I am

The heartbreak changed me

Walk away

I’m falling

There is no escape

Never understand my weird mind

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  1. I am always at amazement at what appears in the Thought-stream. I don’t create thoughts in a conscious fashion although somewhere they are manufactured. It’s a good thing I can edit them before I share them. At least when I remember to do that. Big smile. Thanks for this.

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  2. Hello Kindred
    Soul i Feel
    All Your
    Words as
    You Take me
    To A Place i’ve
    Been WHere
    i Achieved
    All A Man
    Will Hope
    To Achieve Loving
    Beautiful Wife
    Sure Financial
    Educated With
    3 College
    Yet God Yes
    The Worst
    oF All
    No Way
    To ‘See’
    Who i Am
    My only
    Hand And
    Dance Allow
    Your Dance
    To Provide
    Your Song
    As You
    DoinG NoW🌊🙌

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