Oh what the market will bear

I far prefer Coke over Pepsi. I love Coke Zero. Just find it absolutely delicious. I know. That’s a bit bizarre to say I love a soda beverage. I love chubby dogs l, travel, and Coke Zero. What a biography. Well, I love a few more things and I’m a bit more than a short bio on a website. But, I digress.

Every day at work, I walk over in the morning to the local bodega. I always buy at least two Coke Zero bottles. The owner appreciates my business and apparently likes me. I was very hot the other day and seemingly a bit dehydrated. He chastised me for always drinking soda and not getting water. I told him I actually hate the taste of water. Please, don’t try to convince me otherwise. Many have tried and failed. He was do exasperated he stuffed my bag with bottles of water for free. I sighed and took them because they came from his heart. But I have yet again digressed for this is not at all the point of my story.

My point is really not that important. See, I pay $1.50 for my 20 ounce soda bottle. However, after a 15 minute walk home, when I buy a Coke Zero there, I pay $1.89. Bah humbug. Then an hour away in the suburbs, I paid $3.00 for the same 20 ounce Coke Zero. Yikes.

This is not breaking news or even news. We all know we pay -we are charged- what the market will bear. Not fair yet fair.

Sometimes, I think of relationships in such a way. Perhaps that sounds cold but its a bit true. Think about it. What you will tolerate from one person you absolutely will not from another. What you are ready and willing to “pay” into one relationship you will balk at for another.

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  1. My Gosh Life is So
    Busy we must discriminate
    What We Value it’s Human
    Nature Anyway not
    Working helps
    But True the
    More We Value
    It All the more
    Spoons of Honey
    i have to dish
    Out yet
    Of Honey
    Varies What
    Helped me to
    Palate more Flavors
    Spending An Entire
    Year Poetically Loving
    And Responding to
    100’s Of Poets 1000’s
    Of Poems that i only
    Valued after i
    Forced my
    Self to
    Hard at
    Now the
    Intrinsic Reward
    Is immeasurable
    Because the Skill
    Transferred to
    The rest
    Of what
    i didn’t
    In Life now i
    Paint the Dark
    Excellent Skill
    In a Hard Knock
    Life.. nothing
    A Person
    Down with this skill
    i continue to evolve
    In Colors
    Than Mold🌊


  2. It didn’t strike me as cold at all. There exists that marketplace mentality in human relationships, what do I need to give to get? What do I give up to get? I think it’s why my best relationships are grounded on two people building from strength. Less of the marketplace attitude. (I dislike drinking plain water!) Thanks for this post.


  3. We are each granted a finite number of minutes in a day, and must spread them over many different subjects. Friends get only so much – it is CRITICAL to get best value for your money.

    It’s a two-way street – or a one-way with a bond of family.

    Don’t apologize for choosing how you spend your time. Only for wasting it.


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