My August creamer has come and gone

I am a stockpile hoarder. There I stated it. Now, let me back into this and move forward. Back in February, I knew the pandemic was coming. I started to prepare both at work and at home. Well, at home, my preparations were already longstanding. I already had more than ten boxes of hair dye (which would come in handy 3rd month of shelter in place), tons of cans of lysols and clorox wipes and countless other odds and ends. I randomly stockpile and hoard. I have always joked that I am ready for an apocalypse. Then, a pandemic came and I had the last laugh. Well, a laugh or two. I was prepared.

In February, I started preparing even more. I ordered tons of frozen foods, canned goods and gatorade. I also bought pedialite and pain killers. I managed to snag a thermometer in March. I was going to be ready.

My goal had been to make it through August. That was my endpoint. I figured things would calm down and one could regroup by August. That was my crystal vall forecast. August so happens to also be my son’s birthday month. I wanted (highly desired) normalcy by then. In that same vein, I ordered a ton of coffee creamers. There was no way I was going to be caught without what I needed for my daily morning coffee rituals. That would be my breaking point. Actually, there were other things that came to be my breaking point. I may have discussed them already. I can’t remember. Either way, I won’t dive into those here. But originally coffee my way was to be my breaking point. The creamers I originally ordered in my preparation had an expiration (bad by) date of sometime in August. How seemingly apropos.

Well, August has arrived and my August creamers are long gone. Now the ones in the refrigerator have an October expiration date. I drank a lot of sugary coffee the last few months. Need I say more. And, this scenario probably played itself out across many of thousands of households during this time.

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  2. You are a clever man, these are the qualities that will help you in long and also help others to an extent that you are not exploiting yourself 🙂 All the best!

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