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Holding down the fort versus pushing forward

Stasis or movement? Energy. Kinetic energy. I’m obsessed with kinectic energy. That should have been my phrase for the year. Everywhere I look I think of that. That to me is 2020. Look at the world famous New York City subway system. It is open and moving and yet still needs to stop for several hours because of the pandemic.

This all came together in my head to get me thinking about how one can try to hold down the fort versus how one can just push forward. There’s something to be said about both paths. Some people specialize in one versus the other. One just hangs in there tightly. The other barrels through. Or can. These days you have to be able to do both and to seamlessly go from one to the other. There’s no either or.

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  1. Stormy Seas Bring Anchors
    In Safe Harbors Fair Winds
    And Following Seas Favor Sails Boats Survive And Thrive With Both Others
    Lacking Slowly Sinking
    Or Dry
    In Dock
    Still other
    Yachts only
    Used once a
    Year For ‘Went
    To the Garden Party’…
    I’ll have to YouTube
    The Song i Will either
    Listen to it or ‘Just Do It’…



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