She knew she could become the person of her dreams

She stared out onto the yard longingly with grand nostalgia. There was a time when she was innocent, loved the beauty of dolphins, and believed that finding Mr. Right was what mattered. But she had gone through four different fiancées and a divorce.

Here she stood making breakfast for the kids wondering whether she could still get her degree and become a totally new person. She wanted her innocence back but she knew that was long gone. Now, she had to focus on the path forward. She knew she could become her- the person of her dreams.

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  1. When All Steps Words
    And Images Become
    Water River Flowing
    Ocean Whole
    Dream Play
    Beyond Think
    Or Know Just
    Do Air BREaTHE NoW
    Easier Said Than Done
    More Complexly
    And Fear
    Dream Always
    Coming True
    In Play ‘Seeing’ Now🌊
    In Other Words Don’t
    Wait to Be Dream
    Do Dream

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