Note to self: Don’t take my contacts out before…

We all do something that we constantly remind ourselves to not do. As a matter of fact, we all do more than one such thing. I know that I do. After I have eaten a whole bag of chips I remind myself to not do so again. I listen to myself for about 3 days. Then I ignore my own advice, again. I can get quite frustrated with myself.

Besides those bags of chips, I also don’t readily listen to myself when it comes to my contact lens. I do not have the best vision. Haven’t since my teen years. Thus, silly enough, I need a strategy for removing my contact lens. Specifically, I cannot take my contact lens out without first knowing where my eyeglasses are at.

I know this is silly. I already noted it. However, it’s symbolic of larger life issues. Yet, let me focus on the contact lens situation. If I remove them without having my eyeglasses handy, I have a hard time finding my eyeglasses. It means I spend a good amount of time searching for my eyeglasses without being able to really see. My vision is just not sharp enough to allow for easy eyeglass location. It is quite a problem.

What’s the take home message? Always have plan A, B, and C ready. Gave a plan, period. Plans can be changed. They should be changeable and living concepts. Being prepared, even when you expect things to go sideways, is a great feeling. And, allows for one to be flexible and not stuck on bad ideas.

Of course, even with planning to plan, I forget to have my eyeglasses readily accessible. I then stumble around and laugh at myself. Promise myself to not do it again. And, seven days later I inevitably do. I suppose I keep myself on my toes. Everyday is, indeed, an adventure.

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  1. Suggestions..
    Why don’t you have a permanent home for your glasses 🤓
    And always keep them exactly in that location whenever you decide to wear your contacts..
    In this way you really don’t have to search for them whenever you need them …
    Because you know exactly where they should be

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  2. i Wore Contacts For Decades too surely
    Made my Value as a Dude Go up over
    the ‘Four Eye’ Taunts of Youth.. anyway
    Today is 02202020 surely a Day For Triple Clear Vision…
    Meanwhile.. i see clearer ‘these days’ with my eyes totally
    Closed just
    FLoWinG Free..
    Seriously i look
    More Mysterious
    Without ‘Shades’..;)


  3. LASIK saved my daughter’s sanity – she went through years and years of dance lessons and Appalachian Trail hikes with glasses driving her nuts. When her eyes stabilized, we go her the permanent fix.

    I had my right eye done many years ago – and it improved things enormously (I can drive without glasses).

    I’m sure you’ve considered that. Not everyone is suitable. But for those who are, it is definitely worth it.


  4. I need my glasses to minimize the bags under my eyes. Otherwise, everyone thinks I haven’t slept in a week.

    I’m probably not a good candidate for LASiK. They are looking to do cataract surgery.

    I should have had my eyes done 20 years ago but I didn’t. There will always be time to do it later, right?


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