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Befuddlement: What a great word

I like words. I know that must sound odd. Who doesn’t like words? I mean, who hates words? Not many, I am sure. I like collecting random words in my Evernote app. I will look at it every so often and wonder what led to me “collecting” and jotting down a particular word, at a particular moment in time. Last year my word was joy. This year, I have a phrase- poetically bold. That phrase reminds me of Mohammed Ali floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee.

The last few weeks I have wanted to use the word discombobulated to describe the state of affairs all around me. However, that word is not quite right. Yet, the singer Billie Eilish perfectly exhibited through her facial expressions at the Oscars the word I needed. And, that word was befuddlement.

Befuddlement is a gloriously unglorious word. It is a great word to describe a situation in which one would not want to have experienced. There are times, however, where you get to the end of the week and you wonder what that week had been about. You wonder how you survived and you wonder how quickly you can run from that week.

When you get through a befuddlement storm and the fog is lifted, you feel wiped and uneasy. You feel a hangover, of sorts. You need a new week to hydrate your mental acuity and heart. Yet, I still like the word. It sounds comical and once you put enough distance between yourself that awful week, you may indeed be able to laugh. And, that is why I like this word. So far, it’s my word for the month. Let’s see what else may come.

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  1. ‘Befuddlement’
    In Peter Principle
    Rising Beyond
    Now Of The
    Gaslit Reality
    Of An ‘Aerosmith
    Phone Call’ where
    ‘Sweet Emotions’
    Are No longer
    What they
    Even Are
    In the
    World Video
    Where ‘Responsible
    Folks’ have Had
    Enough and
    Tune out
    Ship Goes Down
    Finding out ‘Who
    is On the Other Line’
    Watching ‘That Video’
    Last Night Sums
    Up this Place
    Of “Orange People”
    As ‘the Virus’ Spreads…
    As Nature Smiles
    Back Towards
    Balance Of
    What Is Forgotten..
    Now Rotting Away…
    When Taking Care
    Of Each other
    Goes out of
    Style Humans
    Are No More
    Than Burning Toast…
    The Smell The Smell…
    Of ‘Soylent Green’… the
    Taste… Finding
    Out Now what’s
    For ‘the Last Supper’…


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