Although not as awful as January, February has been weird

I though the month of January was odd and tough. Actually, many of us did. January hit us like a hurricane. Thus far, February is a completely different matter. Thus far. It’s a short month and we are more than halfway through. Yet, we all know anything can happen. It is as if we are living in a collective, global twilight zone. Or is it a bermuda triangle? Pick you weirdness. Speaking of oddities, here are a few thus far for this month.

A woman decided to tweet out a supposed hot cheetos bath. Yes, you read that correctly. She got into a bath filled with hot cheetos. I do not think I need to go any deeper into this story. Name it and its wrong. I’m just going to say yuck and ouch. One more yhing. Why?

Ripped out of a Hitchcock film, peacocks have been terrorizing residents of a Florida town. They look so pretty to be so angry. Just goes to show you. The peacocks are being relocated the same way some bad employees often get shifted around. You know what I am talking about.

In a sad but creepy story, two guys were freaked out by a black substance coming down their wall. Just like a horror flick, the black gooey substance turned out to be blood from the dead upstairs neighbor. I’m not too sure I would move out, but I can see getting a decrease in rent for a bit.

We have seen this before. Here we go again. A fast food employee was caught taking a bath in the restaurant sink. I can’t ever forsee wanting to do that especially with a smile on my face. They may just want to start implementing a new screening tool. I’m sure there’s an app for that.

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  1. Cleanup-Crews Booming Business
    Nope No Longer Blooming There
    in Japan Where Elderly Folks
    Only Visit Others online
    Left Overs are sadly messy…
    Peacocks Like Tradition Alfred
    Hitchcock Provides Information in
    Advance of Coming Peacock Anger
    in Florida When Tradition is Taken away
    Humans are the Same as taking a Bath in
    Cheese Goo may become a New Religion
    And Culture
    But the Good
    News is thanks
    to Smart Phones
    And Electronic Video
    Surveillance Finally those
    Employees taking Baths in
    Restaurant Sinks are being Captured
    Along with Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s
    of Redneck Deep Red State Hollywood from what i ‘hear’ too..
    Anyway Happy Twilight Zone continuing to You as i do my Best
    ‘To Serve
    In More Ways
    that consuming
    them with the same
    Old Stale Black Recipe Book.. hmmhe..;)


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