Spinning on tiered goals of marzipan

Two empty lemonhead boxes under the pillow

A bladder full of borrowed tears

Dreaming of lollipops and popsicles

Spinning on tiered goals of marzipan

A belly full of ache

Shards underneath weathered feet

Candyman needs to pass out more sugar

And frosted eyes need to stop wishing for a miracle

No more letting others do, dream, and despair

Pierce the balloon and fly away

Fill the tires and stay grounded

Bring the sparkling water

And try to make sense of this all

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  1. Salts, Fats, Sugars
    So powerless under
    The Evolutionary Draw
    Of Chips and Coke… too
    Poor for Pizza to
    Complete the
    Instant Gratification
    Pie thank God no
    Porn when i was
    In Grade School
    With ‘Crack Pipe’
    Phones Brightly
    Lit Screens
    Of even More
    Taking away
    The Greatest Human
    Incentive of only
    Intermittent Reinforcement
    To Drive greater
    Inner and External
    Achievement i still
    Spent my play outside
    In exercise so those Calories burned away
    Meanwhile 20 Percent
    Of Teenagers are now
    Are Obese And
    Trump and
    Is Replacing
    The Michelle Obama
    Healthy School Lunches
    That Have Resulted In
    An increase of 60 Percent
    Of Children eating Vegetables with
    Ala Carte Pizza
    As the Health
    Of Children is
    A Disposable
    For a
    ‘Trump Nation.
    So Disgusting
    When ‘that
    Character’ off
    The Austin Powers
    Movie ‘Goldmember’
    Is Elected Leader
    of ANY GROUP


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