My California dog has become a New Yorker

I have a very fussy dog when it comes to eating. This is such a bizarre thing to me. My past dog was not finicky as he ate everything and very quickly at it. He would remind me of medical residents at a free luncheon. Although, my past dog did have some favorites such as apple pie. Dogs and pie! An odd combination.

My current dog is picky. I have noted previously that he treats me as his taste-tester. Such an odd bit we have going. I am used to it now. I don’t know whether the differences between my two dogs is due in part to one being a New Yorker (non-picky) and the other being a Californian (finicky).

My finicky dog hardly ever even shows interest when I am eating. Thus, I was quite taken back when today he rushed to my side when I started eating a bagel with cream cheese. He was alert, attentive, and actively interested. He stood in front of me and stared and stared. I tilted my head and asked him what was going on. He didn’t answer me. I cut off a piece of the bagel and was about to taste-test it for him when he leapt for the bagel. Whoa. This was completely unlike him. He ate the bagel without me even tasting it for him. I was flabbergasted, surprised, and thrilled.

My California dog was now a New Yorker. He loves bagels and I couldn’t be happier. Now, if I could get him to like riding in elevators.

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  1. Interestingly to me at least
    Hehe ‘they’ Say Folks
    Who are more easily
    Disgusted by Different
    Are more Likely to
    Be Conservative
    And in General
    Less Open Minded
    Considering this is
    Reptile Oldest
    Brain And Mammalian
    Limbic System Brain
    Driven First Before
    Control it stands
    To Feelings And Senses
    Even Without Reason
    That Dogs are Conservative and
    Liberal too this may
    Explain some Voting
    And Elected
    Officials Based on
    Ideology at Least
    Over So-called
    Stellar IQ..
    Anyway a Careful
    Palate is Less Likely
    To fall to disEase
    In The World we
    Do need Both Kinds
    Of Dogs to Survive..:)


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