I packed the clock away

I’m just passing by

Heading home on the slow train

I packed the clock away in my suitcase

I guess I’m calling from the road

I listened to the fiddle for mama

Leaving all the liars and clowns behind

The truth being the only shelter I’ve known

Tearing the veils down for a moment

Back on the train the hills roll by

The clock reverberates

All day, all night

The sleeping pull remains on the rolling nightstand

Freight train pulls my heart forward

Time to roast the marshmallows

And search for that true north

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  1. So Many Fall to Loving Lies Truth Trumps Love
    Trivia Note: Original
    Greek Definition of
    Apocalypse Means
    Lifting The
    Veils oF iGnorance
    To Reveal Truth For
    Those Who Love Lies
    That Is STill The End
    Of THeir World oF Lies
    Note: Some Clowns
    Visit DarK To make
    Light… ‘Normal’
    People Don’t
    What it takes
    OBTW ‘Perfect Poem’
    ‘All’ Poems ‘Perfect’
    Poetry Without
    Fails All ReaSon Art
    Breaths of Truth iN
    P E R F E C T LiGHT


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