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Life hacks: Being your own Macgyver

There is a television show about a guy who can get out of any situation by using a safety pin and any random item in the room. More often than not, whatever it is that he assembles will lead to some explosion creating a diversion or escape route. I find the show a bit tedious and predictable. Nonetheless, I record it so that I have something to help me fall asleep. The original television show concept back in the day seemed interesting. However, with both Google and Youtube readily available, can’t we all be a Macgyver?

I, for one, on any given day feel a bit Macgyverish. I’m always getting into (or trying to help someone else get out of) some trying situation. I then have to use my wit and know-how to find innovative solutions. Mind you, I’m completely propping myself up here. It is not as if I have had to disarm a nuclear weapon with only 20 seconds. Or it’s not as if I have had to save random strangers during a a tsunami no one received a warning anout beforehand. Speaking of which, why does every television show nowadays have such a ludicrous scene?

My situations have been more ho-hum ranging from being lost on a bullet train in Japan to trying to not lose my cool when faced with extreme idiocy. The latter is quite a remarkable feat that I make seem quite minimal. There have also been situations where I needed to remove nail polish but had no nail polish remover. I came to discover that hair spray can help with that. I also learned the hard way that it is best to safety pin a ripped dress from the inside. A good reason to not wear skin-tight dresses. I tend to over-buy sunglasses but I have come to realize they are useful in propping up my cell phone at night when trying to watch videos.

I could name many more examples but the point is that we are constantly coming up with solutions for mundane problems. We often don’t notice that we are doing so. We should every once in a while congratulate ourselves for small jobs well done. And, pass on those solutions. It is always good to pay it forward.

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  1. Faced with one 300 Pound or so ‘Good Old Boy’ and
    Two Friends wanting to
    Inflict injury on
    My Graceful
    Dance at
    The Metro
    Dance Hall
    i “Trumped”
    Them with two
    300 Pound Bouncers
    And Warned them about
    Jail as A Good Samaritan
    Not really a ‘Macgyver’
    i tried that at first…
    Usually Works
    But With
    “Trump Intelligence”
    Of Soul in DarK Play
    BRinG in the Bouncers..;)


  2. Passing on solutions is what makes humans great, soap scum solution is genius, and I am STILL waiting to find out who LEN is! JK on Len, but it would be fun if you could Macgyver it out….love your posts! Thank you for being so talented!


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