She was able to go home and embrace the heat

Everything inside the apartment had been too hot, including her temper. She needed to cool and calm herself down. Winter was coming but that wouldn’t be cold enough.

She walked around in a fiery daze. She knew she was angry but she could no longer remember why. Nor could she pinpoint from where her heat was emanating. She stopped and looked at the bicyclist who was passing her by, who in turn was staring at something across the street.

It was all wrapped up in shadows and light. The coldness fighting the fire within. She could feel it all. She stood rooted in that spot for a 13 hours and then she was able to go home and embrace the heat.

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  1. i don’t think i’ve ever
    Crossed paths With a REAL Psychopath who
    Enjoys Killing now like
    Running over Kittens
    With Lawn Mowers
    With no Soul until
    Presented With the
    Face of True Evil
    Thursday Night…
    Glad i could tell
    The Difference In
    His eyes and Appreciative
    That Real Evil took that
    Long to enter into
    Three Feet Distance
    Of My Flesh And Blood
    Space.. It makes me really
    More Appreciate People
    Who are only Confused
    And Ignorant of
    This Evil from
    A Distance
    That is yet
    Ever Close
    To all they
    Hold in Life as Dear…
    Most of the time Evil
    Locked up
    And or in the Shadow
    Of all of us in potential
    Too.. if Shadow Comes


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