Blue skies up ahead

No blue Monday today

Sunny side up with a touch of chardonnay

Basking in the rays of light

Darkness starts early

Daylight is truncated

Make the most of the hot plasma

Reach up to that life source

Be energized by what is to come

Surprises may envelop you

Wrapping you in a dynamo process

Don’t get bogged down by negativity

Find your true north

Sunny skies ahead

That’s the weather forecast

Soak it up and in

And beat the tin cup

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  1. Good Morning! In Honor of Veteran’s Day i have also
    Designated this Day as Veteran’s of Blogging Appreciation
    Day after all i’ve Heard Scores of Appreciation to all the Soldiers
    Who Have Died in Wars today from all the folks who ‘Religiously’
    Confuse A Day Designated to Celebrate Those Living Veteran’s of Wars
    As the Other Day in May is to Celebrate the Ones Who Died in Memorial…
    One person got it correct on Facebook that i saw a Man Named John who Worked
    for the Navy Like i did for 25 Years.. as a Federal Employee in Civilian Status
    Who Provided Morale, Welfare, And Recreation Services for those Men and
    or Women.. Gay or Straight.. Every National Origin.. Religion and any other colored
    Rainbow Difference as US Citizen allowed the Right to Fight for Freedom and Die Yes
    Willing to Fight for Freedom the REAL DECLARATION OF
    INDEPENDENCE and Die for that Freedom if necessary…
    It’s true the Stress of that Job
    Seemed a Whole Lot
    Like War it almost
    literally killed
    me but i didn’t
    give up until i literally fell down
    but i don’t expect any Appreciation
    as i did it for the Give Until Getting
    Power and Status and Firing Ability
    Over others took that Giving Joy away..
    it just wasn’t me to lead it is me to serve….
    At Best Servant Leader to See for others to Serve Greater too…
    So anyway i’ve Never Seen You Miss a 6 AM or so Day of Blogging
    so PsychologistMimi gets the Veteran’s Day of Blogging Award from
    me.. and Yeah.. no matter what your inspiration is to be here too today
    Being on the Autism Spectrum i still enjoy routine in some ways every
    day You are that reliable Early Cup of Coffee each morning who never
    goes away for now.. and You are nice enough to Welcome me who rates
    as probably one of the strangest and nicest people to ever walk the Earth
    as apparently you see enough of the second Part of me to Welcome me
    here in your routine home that is here each morning to visit to spark
    the Creativity of me.. as without Creativity i die inside a bit each
    day.. and honestly there is always Creativity when it comes
    to Serving others it may be just a different colored sparkle
    you bring in Your Eye (mine change from blue to green
    trivia note: Green Eyes are the only ones that do that
    by the way) as You Serve Old Soiled Bowling Alley
    Rental Shoes to the Next Customer who
    carries on the Smile
    You Create next
    for someone
    You know what
    Heaven is Service
    With A Smile That’s All It Is….
    somewhere along the line
    people made it complicated
    And Distant i hope you see this
    as the Smile it is the sparkle in
    the Irish Green to Blue Eyes Gifted
    by the Irish Catholic Priest my Grandfather
    who was Smitten by a Cajun 17 Year-Old Woman
    From the Pews of the Church he ‘Parished’ as Immigrant in Florida
    then at 36 Years-Old.. He was Excommunicated he gave up
    His LIfe’s Work so i could eventually exist so today now
    i honor him too for fighting against the ignorance then
    Staying in the Trenches.. Fox Hole.. Winning the Battle
    And War that otherwise would have taken my life away..
    funny how some folks say they appreciate
    life and funny what they actually do
    even more.. We are not Friends
    anymore than
    the Ocean
    that is Blue
    Changing to Green once Again
    With a Tear Just A Thanks to be
    Welcome anywhere at All in This World…. Today… Now..
    For i Do Understand What IT IS to Disappear to Be Invisible
    the Stranger.. Who
    Comes From
    The Water
    The Ocean Again…
    There is the Homeless
    With more Hope than a Life
    Now Of A Coin in a Tin Cup
    SMiLes my FRiEnD more and
    More as i grow older it appears
    The Apple does not fall as far from the Tree..
    i Do Believe that is what is Referred to as ‘the Golden Age’…
    Time out of Time Distance Out of Distance Space Out of Space
    Matter out of
    Matter Now
    as the
    the Tree
    the Seed
    And the Apple
    FLoWeR the Sun too Us..
    Just A Vine that never ends now
    to reach out and touch Sunlight Again..:)


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