Size matters: I wish I could judge it better

I order a lot of items from the Amazon website. Well, the app more specifically. I cannot recall the last time I went to the website. I do everything through my phone. I order groceries. I arrange for dogwalkers. I catch Netflix. As for my Amazon shopping habit, I particularly am fond of ordering shoes. I am lucky that my shoe size is common and I have not experienced a change in shoe size since my teenage years. I’ve had a steady foot, although extremely clumsy. One can also say my height peaked early on but I won’t go there. Regardless, I don’t have much of a problem with ordering shoes online. I’m happy my shoe habit is fully supported.

While shoe size is not an issue for me, ordering other items have been a hit and miss endeavor. Actually, I don’t have too much of an issue ordering dresses or food online. My problem is when I order items that require me to pay attention to dimensions, i.e. packing boxes, ornaments, syorage compartments, vases.

Recently, I had to order moving boxes (more on that another time). I’m at an expert in ordering moving supplies. I have lived in 20 cities. And, in one year I’ve lived in three. Two at the same time. And, I have moved five times in the past year. It’s complicated. All this to note my moving expertise. Amazon has a record of all my past moving purchases. It shouldn’t be complicated to re-order and pack up. Well, I suppose I was doing 101 things at the same time when I recently ordered moving boxes. When my order arrived, I was surprised to be able to carry my package in my bag. Apparently, I ordered mini moving boxes.

In my defense, who needs mini moving boxes and why would they be categorized as moving boxes? I felt as if I had just become part of the upside world or wonderland. Such an order set me back a day or two in terms of packing. It was obviously my fault. I take ownership of shopping while distracted. It’s never been a problem before.

Wait, there was another time. I needed a cookie jar to place my sugar packets that I buy in bulk at around 500 at s time. I found a beautiful one on Amazon. When it arrived, I realized I needed to go to Marshall’s to buy a cookie jar. I had bought something that could maybe hold 15 packets.

I really need to pay better attention to dimensions. But I suppose it wouldn’t have helped me too much as I probably wouldn’t have processed said information. Yes, I am a hard worker with a great work ethic. But I’m a lazy shopper. There. I said it. In my defense, many of us are now lazy shoppers.

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  1. Size Does Matter
    Without Empathy
    Grinch Falls Down
    The Mountain Of Love

    Trapped in
    Screens of Cold
    Mountain Top Bottom




    Oh Where
    Is the Grinch
    When Need is Most….

    Size of

    Mirror Deep
    Or More than Screams
    Screens reflecting Screens


  2. At least you have a moving box the right size for that jar. It’s not a cookie jar, it’s a decorative trinket holder! But a very pretty one.
    Note to self: check dimensions on every single thing ordered in future 😂
    Caz xx

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  3. It’s the one thing you can’t tell from a photograph – unless there is a scale included.

    Complaints about all kinds of things come from people who ordered something and didn’t pay attention to the size, but also take cheap plastic that photographs well for something good and usable. The comments and reviews point out things like this, but I can’t see reading many of them from a phone.

    There are things I just won’t buy that way because sending them back when they are grossly inadequate – like your jar – is just too much trouble. I bet many people don’t bother to return OR complain, and the scammers get to keep a lot of the money.

    I bought some sandals from a Facebook ad – and when they were ridiculously cheap and unusable, was told they had to be returned (after a lot of back and forth emailing) to CHINA. Shipping was more than the cost of the shoes. I complained, instead, to Paypal. They tried to get more information out of the company, and, when there was no response, refunded my money. I still felt aggrieved at being scammed (when I dug into it, that is the new pattern: make junk, make it hard to return, keep the money). The repayment wasn’t worth the effort, and the scammers usually win on volume.

    But I will NEVER buy something from that kind of ad again.

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  4. I ran into a similar thing on Ebay trying to buy a rolling pin. When it arrived it was the size of my pinky finger in diameter and I had to laugh. Obviously not worth shipping back. I have cataracts and found the pics misleading. Way misleading. I learned to check the measurements and convert mm to inches now too 🙂


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