Sitting in a puddle of lies

Surrounded by lies

Wading through the muck

Picking out the sharpened teeth

Licking the bones of those who have lost

The puddle is gray

Even the honorable are not without hubris

Even the wicked are just a symptom

Now the chsins have been unlinked

But this sin is mine alone

Deeply mired without a good escape

The truth will not liberate

For it has been too long

The coffee is brewed with lies

And filtered to obscure

Here we sit in a puddle of lies

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  1. We Systemize For order out of Chaos Truth Gold
    Standard yet as Neuroscience
    Shows We All Hallucinate
    Our current Reality Based
    On Past ExperienceS How
    Easy We May Fall to
    Matrix order of
    Lies fed from
    Birth the light
    Or dark alternatively
    We Will generate
    Within Escaping
    Matrix oF Lies
    The Emperor’s
    Clothes in Deed
    A Challenge for most🦅


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