A newfound love of risotto in my year of joy

Just like almost everyone I know, I really like Italian food. There’s always something for everyone at an Italian restaurant. But I have never had a favorite dish. I vary my selections and sometimes focus on one entree for a while. When I was relatively young, I couldn’t get enough lasagna. Then it was spaghetti and meatballs. Of course, as a New Yorker I love my slices of pizza. As does my son. For a while I really got into ravioli and tortellini. Then, I had to have gnocchi non-stop. I’m still there a little. Then Osso Buco.

See each of these represents something larger than that specific entree. Lasagna was my favorite when I was poor and really needed hearty, very filling foods. It was comforting. Pizza is what I have when I want to live a New York moment. Gnocchi was my low-fat yet yummy meal when I was trying to keep fit while eating out.

When we went to Italy a few years back, we were in a culinary delight. My son, couldn’t get enough. He is a rather picky eater and thus certain trips have been harder for him than others. Macau being the hardest trip for him.

Now, I’m in a risotto phase. I’m not too sure what it symbolizes. I may be too deep in this phase to take a step back and understand its symbolism. Although, I must say I normally do not like runny or goopy foods. I don’t like mushy foods like yolk, beans and the like. But I do love wet saucy foods such as stews, curries, and enchiladas. I know, my description is not quite culinary in nature. But you get my drift. But eating risotto means I am challenging myself to go beyond my past dislikes. And, I’m not only challenging myself but I’m craving it. I’m craving a new consistency and perhaps celebration. My word for the year is joy and I think that is what risotto is signifying. Or maybe my taste buds are just evolving.

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  1. Tried risotto for the first time earlier this year. I was sharing a plate with my significant other. What began politely enough, turned into a battle to see who was going to finish it first. Thinking back I don’t know why we didn’t just order a second plate. It was so very good.


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