Was the word of the day my handsel?

My mom loved pranking. For her, April Fool’s day was everyday. It may where I get my sense of whimsy and love of the absurd. Although, I am no fan of theatre of the absurd. Many, many years ago I saw the Ionescu play Rhinoceros and I felt that I was being pranked. Its a fine line between absurd and ridiculous absurdity. I’ll let you figure out your own definition and line. Sometimes, I feel like I am caught in an absurd Bermuda Triangle but then I get myself to laugh and I move on.

My mom had a love of the silly and pulling a fast one on over someone. I too love pranks. Which is why I’m not especially upset about a possible prank being pulled on me. Plus, it’s rather innocuous. Plus, I may have done this to myself.

I now, for some reason, receive a daily email with a word of the day. I may have signed up for this myself, but I do not believe so. First, I took my GREs a long time ago. It’s all downhill from there in terms of vocabulary. Second, I make up my own words. And, they are great words. So great that others use them. I should send out my own word of the day. Third, if I am to get a list of new words to learn, I want them to be “saucy”. Thus, I don’t believe I signed up for such a daily email.

I believe someone signed me up as a joke. Do I sound paranoid? Entirely possible. I mean, it’s kind of a low effort, low budget, and low impact prank. If I were to sign someone up for a list, it most certainly wouldn’t be for a smarty-pants or knowledge-building list.

This list, as a matter of fact, is more like a handsel. I’m looking at it as a good luck gift for the new paths I wish to forge. It doesn’t matter whether it was meant that way for it is the way it is meant to be. Take everything as a gift. Learn. Grow. And prank back.

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  1. I too have recently suddenly gotten this word of the day email to one of my addresses. It’s OK but I recommend not clicking through to any of the links they offer dangling more “fun.” Methinks it is a fishing expedition and I am the prey. Still, ’tis amusing.


  2. Thank you for the story of your mom and for reminding me that I wanted to start having a word of the day that I post. I wrote “Have a Word of the Day” somewhere, sometime ago, and lost it and forgot about it! :)Jen


  3. i suppose a Devil’s Advocate of Handsel
    Will be Scarlet Letter
    If not For that Letter
    My Wife would not
    Exist what A
    Scarlet is
    And Frankly
    i Don’t Give a
    Damn What Anyone
    Thinks for where i
    Am From ‘Jesus’
    Would wear a
    Scarlet Letter
    For Loving Everyone
    Welcoming All Around
    the World into his Home
    Meanwhile the Churches
    Continue to Brick and
    Mortar without
    A Corner
    For Love
    So who wears
    A Scarlet letter
    Now Who
    Shares A
    HandSell oF LoVE..:)


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