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Becoming unstuck

A few days ago I noted my end-of-the-year tradition of selecting a word for the coming year. The word is meant to motivate or frame what is to come. I really enjoyed the year in which I selected the word “joy”. I continously reminded myself on varying situations […]

Kinetic in a state of stasis

When I was a kid, my mother used to have me participate in storytelling contests. I have no idea how that ever came about. I don’t know whether such things even still exist. However, that love of words and stories stayed with me. Became a part of my […]


Today was a long day with very little sleep. Three hours of sleep as a matter of fact. Just three hours. I was in zombified mode all day. Words were in and out of my brain. Meaning remained at the surface level. Digging deeper wasn’t meant to be. […]