Before you wreck yourself check the well

I think, but I cannot say, with any certainty, that at one point people felt that ethics and ethical behavior mattered. I’m sure I sound like a jaded, New Yorker. I am a New Yorker, afterall. But it may very well be that ethical behavior is on a slippery slope collision course with the world.

Here’s a little story. Many moons ago, two people a few years apart each sent a letter to a few powers that be about the behavior by another power-that-be that was unworthy of accolades. At least in their eyes. I know this sounds super abstract. Here’s the deal. The powers that be laughed, shrugged, and noted it wasn’t an issue. They felt that it was ok to not be completely honest. And, so the story goes. Before that, elsewhere a new director was installed overnight replacing a political appointee. She too was a political appointee married into a dynasty. She tried to make a difference. She listened. I was shocked. But while she made a small difference in the small people’s daily work lives, all that happened in the end was that the players got shifted around. The bad apples were allowed to keep doing their thing elsewhere. And, the little people wondered what was the point.

All that led people to wonder what csn it all amount to when you raise a flag, or sound an alarm? Do you start a fire if there’s no will to use or no water in the fire hydrant.

As Ice Cube once noted you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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  1. Smiles considering that small Tribes of our Closest Ape Cousins
    Bonobos Live Peacefully Together with only the Innate Instinct
    And Intuition of the Empathy of Loving Cooperation that yes
    Females Lead in that Matriarchal Ape Society while
    Basically the Males play more solo by their selves
    As Long as there are no invading tribes to take
    Away Subsistence in Living day to day..
    Of Course We are Ethical too at core
    We have lost our way
    in separation from
    Nature in
    Ranging from the
    First Word of Technology
    to Nuclear Bombs as Metaphors
    From the Virus of Culture that are
    Currently Burning the Lungs of Earth..
    it’s not that we are not ethical it’s that we
    have lost our way in layers and layers of clothes away
    from our Altruistic Empathic Loving Nature Foraging
    Together Hand in Hand Dancing And Singing Love as one
    Force of
    Us as
    Apes oF LoVE
    Smiles A key is MaKinG
    A Personal World Small Enough
    to Still Do that i LiVE iN A Naked
    FoResT in Civilization so it works for me..
    If we were all still naked of so much technology
    and we really needed every hand all hands ‘on deck’
    to survive every moment of course we would practice
    Ethics of Cooperation or we would not be here at all..
    It’s never
    too late
    to go
    back to Love..
    But on the other
    Hands Fear and Hate
    Lives Where Love no Longer Holds Hands..
    it’s really hard to do that without Hands but
    Sure even technology Will Grow Hands (Words) Green With Love..
    It’s worth Noting that ‘YouR Fire Hydrant’ has a Green Top not a Red Top or Blue Top..:)


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