When texting stay clear of those who are not tech-savvy

I had an eye-opening experience this past week. But let me give some context beforehand. Please note that weeks before I used to label these bits “digressions”. Now, this is context. I’m evolving in my descriptors.

I like texting. I far prefer texting to talking on the phone. Don’t call me. As a matter of fact, I have to remind myself to change my voicemail message to advise people to not leave a message and to instead text me. I don’t quite understand people who insist on talking. Well, people besides lawyers and accountants. One shouldn’t leave any kind of trail. The other just does best with more robust definitions and details. So, as I like to note if the apocalypse is coming, text me. In case you didn’t know, that’s a riff on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My all-time favorite show.

Fast forward to this recent eye-opening experience. I was seated next to a colleague in a protracted meeting. And, by the say, which meeting isn’t protracted? When several people received a text message. Now, I tend to send this particular colleague several text messages a week. Perhaps a day. Then, I noticed they were struggling with their phone. Then they whispered a question to me “how do I send this out to you all at once?” I was confused as this individual has been part of numerous group text messages. I looked over and tried to explain and then I tried to take their phone. But then I realized that wouldn’t be helpful in the long run. Then I went through the steps quickly. Then I realized the text they had wanted to send, despite my best efforts, went out as individual text messages.

Then it hit me. Oh my. I better be careful what I put in writing in a text message to this individual. For it very well could be mistakenly forwarded to people whose eyes should not see my words. Even if you trust certain people, a message can end up where it shouldn’t.

I suppose there are times when you do have to pick up that phone and hope people aren’t recording that conversation. Am I too paranoid? Perhaps, you are not paranoid enough.

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  1. That’s why we talk, on unrecorded phone lines – no paper trail.

    Text has to work to get in any nuance. Humans are wired for picking up all kinds of nuance from voice communications.

    It is sort of nice to be able to go back through my texts to and from my kids, and find the details of something (I save all texts), because I have a very hard time remembering the exact words something used.

    I’m more or less competent at texting, for a Boomer, but I get really tired of the typing.

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  2. I see your point. I’m not much of a texter – I find it annoying to be beeped every time a text comes in but it is the way many people communicate so I try to be a good sport and not an old fuddy duddy. It would be hard for me to find someone less tech savvy than me (unless I were in an old age home).


  3. Walking and texting isn’t as easy as walking and talking!

    I learned from my mother how to do almost anything whilst on the phone, hour long calls from grandma were spent doing all the housework every weekend, cooking diner and dealing with an epic call… my mum casually cooked a meal of master chef quality without putting the phone down once

    Texting works and it can avoid conversations I don’t want, but if I’m too busy to stop; I phone!


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