I don’t get the public jumping jacks

I love working out. I like zoning out while listening to music while sweating up a storm. It’s a really good thing that exercise is good for one. Although, maybe I work out too hard as I have suffered through several exercise injuries.

Now, while I love working out, I don’t care for working out with people. I like the gym in my building as I go down around 6:30am and can go back up and have a nice big breakfast. And, I can do all that without going outside. In my house, I had multiple exercise machines, including a treadmill and elliptical. I had a stepper as well at one point in time. While I can go to a small gym in my building, I don’t care to go to a large gym with potential different strangers each day. It’s not the stranger part that irks me. It is just the sheer number of people. I don’t care to work out with others.

What really bewilders me are those individuals who work out at a gym who could easily do their workout at home. For instance, why do jumping jacks at the gym instead of one’s own home? Or why do stretches at the gym instead of one’s home in front of the television? I truly don’t get it. Now, if you are stretching right after running on the treadmill that is understandable. But to purposefully go to the gym to just do those things is beyond me.

This morning, while I was on the elliptical a woman came in to stretch and do some short dance moves. I increased the volume on my iPod and tried my best to tune her out. But I could feel that energy in the room. And, it is a different energy than just working out hard on a machine. Part of me just wanted to go hand her coffee.

At the end I tuned her out, ran upstairs to my place, and drank two cups of coffee. Then I proceeded to dance. And, those were some good moves.

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  1. Reality is Art Ever Changing…. Repetitive
    Movement or Thinking
    Is Best Left To Machines
    Or Computers lest we
    Become what We Do
    Additionally a Main
    Source of Ergonomic
    Injury in Both
    Mind And
    Body Soul
    Out of Balance
    In Short and Long Dance
    For no Target Audience
    Be Free Free to Be ever
    Changing Art as Reality
    Spirals continues to
    Phi Free..
    As Introversion
    Extroversion Hold
    Hands Within Yes Dance..:)


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