I can now go back to being imperfect

I tidied myself up

Put on a pretty dress and some high heels

I plastered a smile upon my face

Put on some liptstick to impress

Our interactions all a performance

A megaphone and a sound stage director

There’s always an audience

There’s always a carnival

Now it’s time to put away the stilts

Wash away the fake

The show has endeth

You’ve walked out the door

Now I can try a little hard

And sanity may be mine to keep

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  1. A Ton Of Bricks It Hit
    On the way back from
    Working Out.. i could
    Not lift it.. It had
    Been since ‘87 since
    i had the Flu…
    Violent and
    Ugh Explosively
    Ill i Became.. Wife
    Asked if it was Blood…
    Remember all those
    Grapes i ate.. Sudden
    Calm… Vacation for
    A Week Doing
    Nothing my
    Wife Babying
    Me Like my
    Mama Did In
    ‘87.. i could just
    Be Loved no Writing
    No Dancing just in a
    Bed For a Week.. False
    Alarm 12 Hour
    Bug I’m
    Back Again
    Show Must
    Go on… God
    i’m Hungry but
    It will Be a While For That
    One Day i’ll Really Rest
    We all Do until then
    Live i Do..:)

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