I don’t care for lying liars

Let’s get right to it. I know a good number of liars. Now everybody lies. For some people it’s mostly little white lies. For others, there are some pinocchio type of lying patterns. For some reason, I know a good number of exaggerators. But, in all fairness to my exaggerator friends and acquaintances, they are storytellers. Amusing ones at that. Once you understand they are storytellers you can adjust to the exaggerations.

I don’t quite know why I know and get along with such people. I suppose it’s that I am amused since I like a good tale. I come from a storytelling background and foundation. My mom loved stories. I successfully entered and participated in storytelling contests as a child. Now, as I look back upon thise times, I wonder how such contests got going and how did I get involved in them. Well, for one thing. My mother loved contests. It’s a rather odd thing to love but she did. That very well may be where I got my extreme sense of competitiveness.

And, there you have it. I like stories. I’m competitive. I’m easily amused. And, it takes a lot to offend me. All that said I know a bunch of liars. How it is that I made this logical leap here, I will leave to you to decide. I’m no journalist and thus need not spell everything out.

Now, while I know many liars and may be amused by some, I do not care for all liars. I do have my standards and moral compass, afterall. I do not like willful liars who do so to get an ill-gotten gain. I do not like liars who spread lies to cover their incompetencies. And most importantly I do not like those liars who think I’m a fool. For that, I am not. I do not care for lying liars. They are different from storytellers. If you are lying about a secret service helicopter landing on your roof to take you into work, I will laugh right there with you and help you embellish it further. And, yes this is a true lie. I don’t feel the need to be Anderson Cooper during his “keeping them honest” segment. Now, if you lie to me about your motives, I will not be happy. If you lie to me because you messed up, you don’t understand my need for ownership and transparency. If you lie to me to cause harm, we are done.

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