I like them both and that’s how I roll

This may sound absolutely horrible to some people, but I will go ahead and say it. I’m known for being a straight shooter. Which these days has both good and bad connotations. And, is often associated with being a New Yorker. Which, I proudly am. More than proudly, actually. I’m quite boastful. I even taught my son to sing New York’s praises everywhere he goes. Once in Los Angeles someone asked him where he was born and he answered “Manhattan. The greatest place on earth.” I was so proud. I have gone on to tell him that sometimes people don’t appreciate such a brag. We are now working on how to humblebrag. But onwards to the topic on hand.

I am someone who has lived in 18 cities. No. Wait. Make that 20 cities. I shock myself. I have owned a house in the suburbs. I have owned a house in an urban environment. They both bring challenging and wonderful spaces.

Right at this very time, I split my time between an urban city and a suburb. And, I’m happy about that. I like a hustle and bustle. I like a 7/11 at my corner that I can walk to in order to get Twinkies at any time of the day. Well, I actually don’t eat twinkies. But you get what I mean. I like being able to walk on sidewalks and to shop. I can’t stand malls. And, even less so nowadays. It amazes me that the very people who find cities too crowded are perfectly at home at a large enclosed space with hundreds of people walking around with large bags and uncontrollable kids.

Now. I also like the fact that a nature preserve is directly behind my suburban home and beautiful creatures come down the hill. I like that the movie theaters are big and that you are less likely to hear noisy neighbors.

To each his or her own, I suppose. I’m just happy I get to have both. For now. Although, I will always be a city girl. I feel just as comfortable in Tokyo versus Hong Kong, versus Berlin, versus London versus Melbourne. A city can be mesmirizing and a cultural experience. And, I will leave that thought there.

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  1. i kid you not.. Yesterday Dancing in the Mall i took A Photo Of New York With an Infinity Symbol
    Centered on
    The Empire State
    Building on an 8K
    Big Screen TV more
    Realistic than Reality
    Hehe And i wondered
    Even though Social
    Scientists Assess the Panhandle
    More Specifically Pensacola A Place
    Small enough where
    Almost Everyone
    Identifies me as
    The Dancing Man
    Doing that for 11,766
    Miles in 71 Months…
    Yes It is assessed as
    A Most Difficult
    Challenge to be
    Different here…
    God Damn Trump
    Even agrees as in
    A Rally he Trump
    Snickered it’s the
    You only place you
    Can Scream Kill
    Immigrants and
    Get away with it
    Of course if you
    Are President you
    Can get away with
    It amongst Evangelical
    Christians too but
    i read this morning
    That even though
    They will support
    Him shooting
    Someone in
    Public He Found
    His Achilles Heal
    By uttering the Mortal
    Sin of cursing saying
    God Damn even though
    Taking the Lord’s Name
    In Vain means Labeling
    ‘The Force’ With any
    Name ironic how
    Folks covet
    Idol words
    But God
    Damn here i
    Go rambling again
    i digress What i saw in
    The Empire State
    Building is just
    A Bigger and
    God Damn
    God more Liberal
    City to King Kong
    Dance Conquer
    As true the
    Challenge here
    Is Easy Breezy
    ‘The Wind’
    My new Idol
    Phrase i covet
    To Describe
    ‘The Force’
    As A Real
    2.1 Version
    Continues His
    Fabulous Mall
    Dance the one
    Kid no
    One Will
    Ever control
    In the Mall
    Since that First
    Day in September
    Of 2013.. could
    Have Been the
    11th where
    i shocked and
    Awed With
    Dancing in Reverse
    Moon Dancing as
    Fast as i could
    Go after that
    Security’ relieved
    To See Graceful
    Free style Ballet
    Those ‘Minions’
    Such a Fun Cat And
    Mouse Game as they
    Don’t even realize
    i am
    New ‘Dancing
    King’ Hehe just
    The only
    Around these
    Parts at Least
    It Appears my
    Minions need
    Me too
    Will not
    Leave them
    For Now but a
    Bigger City might
    Offer A Bigger
    Least for the Dance
    But not so much
    For Generating
    ‘The Wind’
    As Jesus F in
    Christ it’s like
    A Vacuum here
    Still overall
    Go on and on….
    ETernAlly NoW…
    The Dance The Wind….
    As ET continues
    To Phone
    Just Waiting
    For Someone
    To turn
    Of The Wind HeaR BacK
    On So i May ResT AGaiN..:)


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