People who do chicken dances on the elliptical throw me off


I love to work out. I really, really do. Maybe too much. But there is no such thing. Right?  I I also love not talking to anyone while working pout. Or rather, I really dislike talking to people while working out. That is why I don’t do group exercise routines. I don’t zumba. I don’t spin. I don’t do aerobics. Does anyone anymore? Oh, I also don’t do yoga whether it is solo or in groups. I like fast-paced solo work-out routines. Someone can day after day do the treadmill right next to me and I won’t talk to them. I’ll smile and go about my business.


I am an exercise loner. I feel like I just coined a new term.   Now if I were in academia I can then go about administering a survey or two and doing some observational studies. After which I would publish the results and three people would read them. Then 50 years from now, it would be part of a new Tipping Point. Ok. I have totally digressed and gone far, far off where I meant to go.   Every once in a while, I like to poke fun at my original field from many years ago. If you can’t make fun of yourself, who can you make fun of. Well, probably not anyone.


But back to exercising.


Just this morning, I was on the elliptical and a woman who hardly ever is at the gym came in and got on the machine next to mine. As I was staring straight ahead, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that she was flapping her arms in a very odd manner. I tried to ignore her. I wanted to stay focus and see if I could beat my numbers from yesterday. I am very competitive with myself. But her arm flapping became even wilder. I turned my head ever so slightly so that I could see her but not enough so that I would have to outright ask her what she was doing.


Then I noticed she was doing a chicken dance of sorts. I exhaled and kept pushing harder. But so did she in terms of her arm flapping. It was most bizarre and was throwing me off. I can only assume that she was trying to burn off extra calories. But this was way too odd. I then broke my own rule and turned to her and said “interesting workout.”  She looked and me and grunted and kept working out.   I guess, she too, is an exercise loner. C’est la vie.

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  1. Yesterday i gave away a 600 Dollar Bike Without
    Regret.. True Rats Worked
    Their Way in the Tool Shed Shredded the Seat
    And Tires but i gave
    It away because
    i did not wanna
    Become a one
    Way Machine nope
    Even A Chicken Dance
    On an Elliptical
    Long Term
    Only Walking
    This Way Straight
    As AeroSmith Sings
    This Way..
    Before i Left Working
    For the Government
    As Athletic Director for
    A Military Installation
    i Helped purchase close
    To a Million Dollars
    Of Gym Stuff
    Turning the
    Military into
    One way Running
    Machines so Far
    Below the
    Of Nature Change
    Go figure Outcast
    Last Kid picked
    In Team
    Back to
    iSolo Dance..;)


  2. Part of being a loner is that you’re tired of all the inane things people have said to you.

    I’m tired of hearing, “You need a rearview mirror,” when I scoot backward seated in my walker because I have neither the strength nor the energy to walk, and walking hurts anyway.

    I’m tired of people trying to help – and yanking the door away before asking, just when I was leaning on it to get my walker through.

    I’m tired of people asking, “How are you?” when they really don’t want to know. You have a choice of lying and saying you’re fine, minimizing by saying you’re hanging in there, or letting them know how bad it is – which they really don’t want. One of the older residents here taught me to say something – anything – else; I’ve chosen, “Nice to see you” or “That is a lovely blouse” or anything that says I noticed the person and actually care.

    A chicken dance. How does that person live with herself after doing that in public? Just don’t ask.


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