There was no escape from what she had done


She stopped running right under the light and looked down at her bare feet. They were so bloody. So very bloody. She couldn’t tell which drop of blood came from running hard and which droplet came from her self-mutilation. If only blood could let you know which pain caused it to flow forth. But did it even matter why it flowed since blood must have blood. There was no escape from what she had done. And her bright red blood just meant that there was more to come.


She stared at the lights for a few more seconds. The trees were bare just like her heart.  She sighed, inhaled, and started up running again. She ran inside the house and saw the blood trail behind her. She was toxic to herself and needed to erase it all.

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  1. “Mirror-touch Synesthesia” the Medical Term for Human Empath And the Anti-Psychopath where
    Harming someone else is literally the Same as Harming Oneself.. Imagine Walking into Walmart
    And Feeling Everyone’s Stress in every colored Nuance of every Person you come into contact
    with smiles might be enough to escape to the Bathroom Hold Yourself in Your Arms in the Literal
    Mirror Assuring Yourself that You Exist.. Life is Funny it took me until my Mid 40’s until i found
    someone else who couldn’t stand to touch towels coming out of a Dryer and literally feeling
    everyone else’s Pain was surely no Cakewalk and yes i studied Psychology too we went on
    a Field Trip to a Mental Institution and i could Feel the Colors of each and every Person’s
    Hell on Earth.. but i thought that was normal just like literally feeling someone’s back
    pain.. and sure feeling what everyone felt Walking into a Storm of Walmart
    Feelings.. Something about a Free Style Dance
    And what motivates me to do it is it separates
    me from the Entire
    Pain and
    and connects
    me to the Joy
    of Living Finally
    as Just me.. for a child
    like this it’s not too hard to
    understand why the World Would
    Be Overwhelming and they might
    not even Speak until age 4 as the World
    is all input the World is all input the World is all input..
    True they might even escape into their own World thus
    the Condition Autism the Label for some folks but never
    cannot feel you..
    And by God even Be You..
    i never heard the Term until
    Yesterday the Medical Term for Empath..
    i don’t work anymore but i can Still Feel a
    Saturday for the Relief of Workday Stress for those who still have it
    all around me this condition is far removed from all time distance and space..
    as there
    is no
    who works
    in my home….
    i dream of a Desert
    Island of Happiness that is why i Dance…..
    that is why i write to escape the Pain of the World…..
    And yes the World Extinguished that Gift for 66 Months..
    47 Years of experiencing it the Stress finally almost destroyed me…
    but true even without
    Feeling other people
    the only person
    i could
    of harming
    was myself
    i wanted to Carve
    the name Hell on my
    Chest and drown myself
    just to prove i ever existed at all…..
    When We become erased we want to live again… to Be reborn…:)


  2. Se quedó mirando las luces por unos segundos más. Los árboles estaban desnudos al igual que su corazón. Ella suspiró, inhaló, y comenzó a correr de nuevo. Corrió dentro de la casa y vio el rastro de sangre detrás de ella. Era tóxica para sí misma y necesitaba borrarlo todo.


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