She zapped the monsters away into oblivion

She opened her eyes and it was still dark out. She scanned the room knowing that she needed her medication immediately. She couldn’t let a second more go by.

Her stomach was knotted and she felt there was no end in sight. She needed to numb it all. No happiness for sadness often accompanied it. She placed two fingers across her lips to stop it all from spilling out.

She walked across the room and grabbed a hat. This was her protection. It kept her warm. It kept her happiness from completely escaping. It kept her secrets. They wanted her to succumb to their pettiness but the hats infused her with an enormous will power. They were knitted with love by those that died before her. Their energy was sewn in and seeping through her brain stem. 

She put the hat on and waited five minutes. She felt better. She grabbed her wand, met them at the corner and zapped the monsters away into oblivion. Done.

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