Something is missing a screw


I have been running around the house, the past week, like a madwoman. Cleaning, tidying up, throwing things out. I have been chasing the dog. I have been holding the dog as boxes upon boxes get delivered to our house. It has felt like everything has been frenetic. Frantic. Feverish.   There, have been at times, not enough hours in the day to get done what was needed. When I finally sit down to watch a good show or two (i.e. Marvel’s Runaways), I’m a bit zombified and thus have missed some plot points here and there. I have needed to re-watch some scenes.   It’s a bit of my own Groundhog day.


It was in one of these frantic spaces, where I was running down the hallway. I was running to the kitchen when something hit me on the head from above. I look down on the floor and it is a screw.   I pick it up and look all around me.   I look at the living room door. I look at the linen closet door. I look at the smoke detector above. There was nothing missing a screw.  From where did this screw come?  I absolutely had no clue. I looked and looked. Well, for a good minute. Then I took the screw to the kitchen and placed it on the counter and left it there. I had other things to do.   Afterall, I was in the midst of frenzy.


A bit later on, when I was in my zombified state, I wondered again from where the screw came. It was so odd that a screw would just fall from above in my hallway.  What was I to make of it all?  So odd. So odd.


Sometimes life is wacky. Sometimes life comes at you in such a way that it blindsides you.  And sometimes something is just missing a screw and there is no rhyme or reason as to why that is. Isn’t that just how life runs at times?  Indeed.

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  1. This made me chuckle. The moral underneath the story is very true. As for the screw – I’ve noticed this on more than one occasion, with screws and strange sticker type things that obviously need to hold something together and yet I find them randomly without anything having fallen apart (yet)! x


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