I don’t have a Christmas wish list

Just yesterday I was shocked that I had no words. I had no sentences to put together. I had no thoughts to string together into a composition.  Today, I shocked myself in that I have no Christmas gift list. 
I have put together a gift list for family and friends. I know what I am getting them and what they may each want. However, I don’t seem capable of putting together such a list for myself.
8 have gone online to Amazon and can’t think of anything I want or need. I have looked at Target, Macy’s, Bloomingdales and the like.  I just don’t fancy anything. Does this mean I do not need anything? Of course not. There are plenty of things I may need. However, I don’t feel I need anything. What a strange feeling to have in this overly commercialized world. None of the few advertisements I have seen, have inspired me to feel as if I truly need them.
What is even stranger is that my son does not have a particularly strong ask, either. I am quite bewildered by this all. What does it mean that we don’t gave strong gift desires?  I am truly not sure.  I don’t want for anything. Nothing truly commercial, that is.  Of course, I could use a last meal with my mom.  Around-the-world trip would be nice. A winning lottery ticket would be superb. Otherwise, however, things are what they are. I’m blessed with what I. I don’t need much more. Electronics are plentiful. I have a home. I have my family, including my fure baby .  
I do not feel the need for more clutter in my world. I would, however, happily accept an amazing round-the-world adventure. Yes, I will add that to my list. Question, is who will take on such a huge wish? I suppose I could gift myself that someday. Yes, that is what I must do for me. 

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  1. I am in a similar state on mind and not sure why either. This time of year is hard for me so maybe my lack of a list is just my way of protecting myself from wanting things instead of experiences.


  2. I feel the same and haven’t asked for anything, just bought myself some Pajamas and a diary because they’re useful, but otherwise there’s nothing I really need nor overly want (and perhaps I’m also blah about the inflated prices, commercialism of it, how the things I want can’t be bought). I definitely think you should gift yourself that trip some day; that will have far more meaning than store-bought trinkets or electrical gadgets.


  3. I’m the same. At our age, we don’t really need anything, and if we want something, we just go get it for ourselves. I do like buying for others, though. If I was to make a list for me, it would be things that couldn’t be bought at a store.


  4. I think that in the Western world, we are just so used to having everything we truly ‘need’. It is also as simple as a quick click on a website to have access to everything that we want. Getting presents for one another from a wish-list doesn’t involve a lot of thought (in terms of choosing something we think a person may like based only on what we know about them) and almost makes the true meaning of gift-giving obsolete. I totally relate to these feelings and agree with the idea of experiences rather than ‘things’!


  5. Maybe you’re just not a sucker. Maybe you’ve resisted or avoided all the ads and promos and brainwashing that creates all those busy shoppers who buy more and more things they don’t need. That trip around the world sounds good tho. Happy Holidays.


  6. I think the final comment you put in this chain truly says it all! So, maybe the gift for you should be a bunch of lottery tickets from everyone. If you won, you could quit your job, at least for a while, take that big trip, and return refreshed!


  7. Sometimes I have felt genuinely stressed out by people’s requests for “what I want for Christmas.” Not that there have been times in my life I could have made a list very quickly. As I grow older, I think, I want a day without so much to accomplish. I want to slow down and savor. This request is simply another todo on my list, and I feel guilty not wanting it. Having felt that way, I now am grateful to simply get past the gift giving part. It’s like a rush of Wind that I can barely feel, intense and fast it blows through the House. Taking pictures of those enjoying it, I find myself catching glimpses of Christmas. It’s the following 12 days I savor now. I still have my tree up. I’m taking it down soon. I stopped lighting it on the 12th day. Now, taking it down is on my list.


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