My plant is throwing a pity party

I am not great with plants. I am horrible with plants. I try to warn everyone that I am not a great plant nurturer.  I don’t really talk to the plants. Although, I can certainly use some comforting, non-judgmental entity that can lend an ear or leaf. Yet, it is difficult to do so considering I can’t keep them going. I really want to. I am just not that prepared to take care of a plant. Which is amazing as I can care for my son and dog. 
A friend came over a few weeks ago and brought a beautiful plant and pot. I had a moment of panic as I realized I would have to find a way to keep this plant alive. And for two weeks I did a splendid job. I managed to put one ice cube a day into the pot. The plant looked healthy and happy. I was mega proud of myself.
Then  we moved the plant over to the living room where it is a bit warmer. It started to wil, even with my ice cube treats.
Now, I take the plant out for sun every day. Just like my dog, my plant enjoys lounging in the sun. I walk it out to the sun, feed it an ice cube and let it soak in some rays.  But in looking at my plant out in the sunlight, I can’t help but think that it is actually throwing itself a pity party of one.   In a way I feel that it mocks me. 

As it tilts itself towards the sun I can not but feel that it is trying to guilt me into feeling as if I had been a bad plant mama.  Why else would it continue to wither?  It is almost at the hidden daring me to keep it alive.   But, I’m here really trying to see whether I can live up to the challenge.   I don’t want to hurt the little plant. Although I do need it to put in its part. When I take it out into the sunlight it needs to soak in as much of those rays as possible. It can’t to sit there thinking how lonely it is just trying itself a pity party.  I want to tell him, hey join the club.   Actually, my pity party is over.  I have way too much to. 

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  1. Great idea that – the ice cube treat!
    Your “less than responsive” plant, is probably one of those ” can’t kill it” ones.
    Can’tkillits are the most prevalent species available and are great for breaking down any sense of belief in any of us turning our hand to flora curating.
    My suggestion Mimi, is to take a photograph of the next plant, frame it and toss out the real one.
    Happiness. B


  2. As a plant ‘whisperer’ I can offer some advice. This is a ‘low light’ plant, meaning it does not like full sun, but filtered light or shade. An ice cube a day is probably not going to make it happy. Once a week, take it to the sink, spritz it with TEPID (room temp) water and water it until it drains out bottom. Empty saucer so there is no standing water and put back in its place of filtered light. Hope that helps bring you success!


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