Explaining that lightheaded feeling

You know that feeling you get when you stand up too quickly and you feel like you are going to pass out? How often does that happen to you? The first time that happened to me, I was so scared. I thought I was dying and that everything was about to fade to black.  Looking back at that I can just laugh now. I remember telling a nurse back then about that and she just moved me on to the next health topic.   These little odd feelings that we experience when young that no one didn’t quite ever explain as they are so random.


I see my son experiencing so many firsts and I wonder if I have to warn him about any oddities in life even if inconsequential. I had to explain earthquakes to him now that we are in Los Angeles. When he first got on a plane, I didn’t really explain it as he was younger than a year. Then it just kept happening. I don’t even explain turbulence to him as he seems to just accept it as fact. Interesting to me, he hates roller coasters. Well, in particular the really fast-moving-through-darkness Disney ride.


I have had to already warn him about online “friends”.  I have had to explain that bullies probably need a hug. I warn him everyday about running with sharp objects in hand. Boys!   I have warned him to not cross the street immediately upon the light turning in one’s favor as many people here, in Los Angeles, run red lights. I actually didn’t even really have to warn him about that myself as he saw it firsthand one day that we were out walking downtown.  He did ask me why people seemed to do that here with greater frequency than New York.  I explained less people walk here and thus drivers may feel it is ok. Honestly, I am not too sure that was a great answer. But it was what I had at that moment.   I have also explained to him how television seasons work and how we may not get a new Midnight Texas ever.   He actually readily understood the whole concept of ad revenue. I am not too sure what to make of that.


I have yet to warn him about that odd lightheaded feeling one may occasionally get when standing up too quickly.  That may be one that he has to experience himself. As my son have more and more intricate, complicated conversations I wonder what I will have to find myself explaining. I love explaining these little things to him and seeing the lightbulb moments.  I also love hearing how his child view of the world is sometimes more reasonable than that of us adults. I can’t remember what I thought at the age of nine. But I sure do love going through this age with him.

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  1. I love this description of how you interact. I remember thinking on my answers and she remembers them. I like what you said about bullies. I told mine something similar. Priceless. That time was priceless.


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