The dogs gone crazy: What about a bowl of warm curry?

At 3:27am, I was woken up by the barks and howls of neighboring dogs. My dog remained quiet but was alert and ready to jump in. What was occurring I don’t know.  But it lasted for about four minutes and then it was done.


I looked out the window and only saw darkness enveloped in the moon’s ray. I looked at the moon and wished I could wish upon it. I wondered if the neighborhood dogs were, en masse, wishing upon the moon and stars. The question is what do dogs wish for? A bone? A bowl of warm curry? Yum. I would certainly wish for that. Although, I most certainly would wish for something more than curry these days.  Maybe I can get a nice pair of boots wrapped in a curry bowl. Is that even possible? I am so random today. But I like being random. That may be the New Yorker in me. We actually are very straight to the point. That’s what we are known for.   However, we also like our digressions as we tend to be good storytellers. Hey, rap was born in the Bronx!  I have the words in my DNA. So, I’m thinking of moon and curry and quite possibly yellow curry. Although, a nice spicy red curry could surely soothe the heart and spirit. I have been craving salt, a lot of salt. Although, I finally reordered a box of cherry heads and they have calmed my belly at times.


But none of this explains why the dogs went crazy at 3:27am. What was it about this point in time that necessitated a mass howling session? I’m still perplexed as to what was going on. Part of me thinks, they spoke with my dog, and figured I needed an interesting wake up call.   I think they wanted to cheer me up and give me a shot of adrenaline. Got to love these dogs. Furry creatures, no matter what time, are fabulously awesome. Even if it comes off as a bit creepy and haunting at dawn



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  1. hello psychologistmimi its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel yoo no us dogs dont need a reezun to start barking in the middel of the nite!!! or ummm enny other time reely!!! sumtimes yoo just hav to cut loose am i rite??? ha ha ok bye


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