Little boys and girls and their forts: Can I have one for work?


I had to go with my dog Winston to the vet for a check up. My son wanted to stay home and play. We allowed him to stay and play. I figured he would be playing video games as he tends to do.  Then, when we got home, I saw that he had been busy. Very busy. He built a couple of forts in the loving room.   I smiled. He hadn’t built a fort in a long time.  I remember him building forts starting when he was five or so.  They have always cracked up. I wanted to shrink in size and join him in those little hiden spaces.


Growing up I always wanted a fort. Or at least a rather large doll house.   I wanted a place that I could play in away from the world. A space that was mine that I could goof off in without a care in the world. All I ended up doing was getting under the blankets. I suppose many kids do that as well.   Apparently, buidling forts is a key developmental milestone.   Even if they are just blankets and pillows. Part of it is that boys and girls build forts as they start to create a separate self from the one defined by their family and their parents. Kids, at one point in time, start to desire their own separate place in the world.  But must that desire go away once one hits teenagehood and eventual adulthood?


As I came home and saw my son’s fort, I longed for one. I laughed as I thought about building a pillow fort at work.   I have often joked that I was going to create a space to sleep under my desk right next to my 30 pairs of shoes. But instead of a nap center, I could build a fort instead.   It could be where I protect myself from the hazards of the workplace and avoid all the political nutty storms.



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  1. I bet if you really think about it, you actually do have a “fort” somewhere, possibly even one in the office, where you can retreat for a breather behind some relatively safe walls. I think at home for you it might be the bath. In the office, there might be a stall in a ladies’ room that could serve that purpose, even if it’s on a different floor or, if necessary, in a different building!


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