Why am I looking at a rack of lamb?

This past week has been trying to say the least.   My anger rose to whole new levels I hadn’t seen before. I also have a lot of tasks I have to complete the next few weeks as I work to move my family from Puerto Rico out west.   My little niece got pneumonia and barely was there enough electrical power to help her out with the aid she needed.  I’m not even going to go into the harrowing details. Suffice it to say that my neice ended up in her baby carriage with some kind of oxygen mask in a Kmart aisle that had working electrical outlets. It’s been a rough week. As my family struggles I also had to deal with liars and ill-tempered individuals. But I will not get into that here. Not yet.   Perhaps a book will come soon. Today, I will move on from this topic.


While the week has been rough, I have been trying to get work done. I am an idiot sometimes for having a good work ethic.  But I digress. I worked and worked and answered questions. I ran data and put together reports and powerpoints. Despite how trying the week had been, I was quite productive. My mom raised me right and for that I am always grateful. I try to always keep that in mind.


As I rushed to finish up some tasks before heading out to pick up my son from school, I started up Google to search some images for a presentation.  I searched, found, and copy and pasted.   Then, apparently time went into a special slow-mo mode of sorts. Before I knew it I found myself staring at the screen and beyond. I was deep into blank thought when I finally snapped myself out of it.   I came to realize I had been staring at a rack of lamb on yelp for about ten minutes.  I shook myself out of it and tried to understand why I had beeing staring at this rack. I really don’t like lamb. Well, rather I don’t like to eat lamb.   As my son says “it’s not my favorite.”


You know how sometimes you can get lost in the image of fire? That’s how I was. I was reminded of a film called “The Men who Stare at Goats” starring George Clooney.  The film is about psychic spies. Well, sort of.   Perhaps my starring at the rack of lamb was me trying to compel myself to move on. I have no idea how I reached that conclusion and how it is related to the movie. This is just a rant after all.


It’s time to move on.





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