“I did it and it felt good” -That’s what she said.



She skipped and jumped. It was a lovely day. The grounds were freeing and the tree reminded her of  the good old high school days.  Back then they used to play pretend that they could fly far away into outer space. Those were the good old days.


If only…


She touched the tree lightly.  She smiled as she remembered one of her favorite movies “The Princess Bride.”   Was there an evil dungeon down below?  The tree most definitely looked like it was hiding a secret.  Could she share her secret with the tree. Would it keep her secret? Did it matter?

She leaned in some more as she caressed it further. She looked around and the whispered to the tree.


“I did it and it felt good. They are nowhere to be found.”


She touched the tree one last time and skipped away.




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