I’m done 

Done with your lies

Your ego trips

Your disingenuous sighs
Done with your false morality

And manufactured outrage

And bully eyes pushing an evil duality
Done with your smirk

Which you try to pass as insight

But just come off as a jerk
Done with your condescending bit

Your contemptuous views

Your cantankerous fit
Done with your salty jokes

Your lame takedowns

Your judgey folks

And it feels so good to say


I’m just done 

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  1. Then why did you just give it more power? Painting in no’s the yes it is! How you’d use such to a glory in your no sure but breathing it alive! All I heard was negative reclaimed wherein one claims they’ll not play along – which means power grows! But which direction? Hate and love are both still passions… not opposites at all. To mean this sentiment is to walk smiling as it no longer means anything true.


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