What’s your random superpower?


It is coming to that time of the year in which a few more superhero movies will hit the big screens and we have to decide whether we should pay over $20 a ticket to catch the flick.   Yes, over $20! In Los Angeles, if you wish to see a film in 4D you are looking at paying about $25 plus the added ticket service charge fee.  I’m somewhat picky about my movie going experience as a result. Except for when my son wants to see a film.  Let’s face it, watching Despicable 3 versus the Lego movie is all the same to me. Not everything is awesome and not much you can do about it. I think I am a bit cranky. Could be the cleanse.


But back to superheroes. Coming up soon, we will have the opportunity to catch Thor, The Justice League and/or Star Wars. I’m not really a Thor fan but I like the hulk.  Regardless of my superhero allegiances, I will probably catch all three movies. Which got me thinking as to who would I be as a superhero.   I love Batman. I really like the new Wonder Woman.   But I feel like I have to expand beyond the usual suspects. Also, it is that time of year, where silly training sessions and professional events, ask you to note with which superhero you identify.


Honestly, I am tired of that question. Why can’t I just say I identify with the Joker? I would probably be viewed with more respect if I noted that.   I feel like the Joker is quite misunderstood.   I mean, do you even know his origin story? Yes, we all know the bit about him falling into a tank of chemical waste which bleaches his skin white, turns his hair green, and his lips bright red; the resulting disfigurement driving him insane. But what was there beforehand?


Anyway, if I can’t say I identify with the Joker, what about noting what superpower I would like to have.


Many people answer that they would like to fly, be invisible, or see through walls. Flying would be cool if that means truly never having to fly in a plane with others again.   But I worry about getting tired. Being invisible seems cool if you want to spy on people; otherwise it seems lonely.   Seeing through walls just seems creepy. What about turning vegetables into bacon or lemon oreo cookies?   What about turning a teddy bear into your clone who gets to do all the tedious work?  I want totally random powers. How they would help the world would be anybody’s guess.


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  1. In the early years of grade school, my parents had a beautifully illustrated series called, “Journeys through Bookland.” My reading passions moved from Pooh, to Wind in the Willows, to the Norse Mythology section of the Bookland series. Loki fascinated me more than any of the others, though it was a guilty fascination, because the illustrations showed him as devilish. Still, he seemed three dimensional, unlike the sunny blond Balder, who stood there, chest bared, saying in his hubris, “Go on, give it your best shot.” Loki did, and that was that.

    Then and in the current series of Thor movies, I most identify with Loki – the outsider. The one who grows in wisdom in his solitude. Like Obi-wan and Yoda in the original Star Wars Trilogy, and Luke, at the ends of the galaxy, in the new series. Outsiders all. What keeps them going? Like Buddha in the forest. Like Jesus in the desert. Like Gandhi and Mandela in prison.

    Like Choden Rinpoche, (1936-2015) a Tibetan Lama with whom I was privileged to study during the last three years of his life. After the Chinese invasion in 1959, e spent 17 years under house arrest, in a windowless basement room in the house of a cousin. He practiced the dharma as generations of yogis have done in solitary caves, in his case, entirely from memory, since he wasn’t allowed even a prayer bead, let alone any scriptural texts. Upon his release, he was welcomed to India by the Dalai Lama, and spent the rest of his life teaching around the world.

    I’d have to go with Loki and the gang, whose super powers include profound patience and faith in long term positive outcomes. Pretty useful these days I suspect, as I’m still a bit short on both attributes.


  2. I rather like Hawkeye (Clint Barton). His “power,” if you will, is being a very good archer in particular and a very competent soldier in general. No super juice, no magic, and the only high tech thing he has going for him is his arrows.

    Hawkeye has a family, a loving wife and children who live on a small homestead and live off grid. To me that sounds idyllic. We see the theme of the soldier called off to war, not as an aggressor but to defend that which he loves. Again, something I can identify with. He is the “weakest” member of the Avengers but at the same time helps ground them with his humanity. Gods and superheroes and preternatural geniuses need someone to remind them of what is real.

    Perhaps the most important things he did was to bring Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) in from the cold. Another character without super-powers, just an absurd level of martial arts expertise, cleverness and minor gadgets. To redeem a lost soul is perhaps the greatest power of them all.


  3. Today it’s superheroes and tomorrow skateboarding. The things that were never to be on ones list of priorities, suddenly become daily fare at the kitchen table.
    Kids bring out the best in us, what a wonderful ride of outrageous, non-specific and generally poor choices to thrill us.
    My own personal ” Poor choice” for my son was caving in to allow Xbox into the home. What a ride! We entertained each other and the mates for years and everyone reflects on those times as “Awesome” which I believe is a pass.B


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