Winston knows his name and I’m tickled


I am a very happy, excited fur mama.   I have now had my new fur baby home for a month and each day gets better and better. If that is even possible. Actually, it was great from day one. What gets better is that I get to know his personality a little bit more each day. And boy, does he have a personality.   He is playful and social. He loves human companionship. He seeks it out at every turn. He can sprint and he has a great jump. I am wondering if there is a doggie basketball league he can join.   He leaps everywhere with great grace. And he dances. He doesn’t bark but he has a lot of kisses to share.


And now, four weeks in, I am sure that he knows his new given name. Which runs from Winston to doggie dog to Winston Poo (he is a toy poodle breed).    Now when I call his name he turns and gallops towards me, knocking me over. He doesn’t seem to really understand the word “no”. However, that could just be a willful lack of understanding. For he is quite smart.


Do you know that between 5 and 7 months, most babies learn that their names refer to themselves?  I mean it takes many adults in the workplace years before they realize what their nicknames are therein. I kid.  But there’s a grain of truth in there. A few years back, when everyone was fretting about the amount of television and video games children partake in, an article ran that noted a growing number of children were starting school without knowing their names.   I just don’t know if I believe that. Seems a bit too chicken little to me. But I am horribly. Main point here is that my awesome new dog knows his name and I am quite taken by that.


By him knowing his name, I feel that our relationship is fully grounded.   I refer to myself as mommy and he seems to relish that. By responding to his name, he is fully part of the family.  As we know, names are a part of every culture and that they are of enormous importance both to those who receive names and to those who have given them. It is a contract of love and relationship. Nothing tickles me more than him running towards me when I call him. I feel like a lucky girl each time.



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  1. Side note – I didn’t know my first name until I was seven years old – the only name I’d heard was my middle name and its derivitives, so perhaps the goobers in the article you mentioned have just never been called by their ‘birth’ names and so have no clue to whom the teacher is referring when attendance is called on that first day of school. I certainly didn’t.


  2. I think Winston is adorable!! If Winston would like to be interviewed for one of my Spotlight Thursday editions on my blog to welcome him, please email. You will find my email address on my blog. Thanks bunches and have a great day!! XOXO – Bacon


  3. Winston is one of the cutest dogs ever!!
    It is an amazing feeling when our furry love comes bounding to us with joy and love!
    Wouldn’t it be nice if the people we love met us the same way?
    We’d never question how they felt about us.
    I’m so glad you’ve added such a loving creature to your family.


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