She tapped it twice and was swept up

She always had a keen imagination. From a young age, she had fantasized about living a different life. Many lives. Many, many lives. One minute she was Pat Benatar. The next she was Indiana Jones. Then, the President of the United States. She didn’t just fantasize while dreaming. She didn’t fantasize while there was downtime. Her fantasies took hold in meetings, doctor’s visits, and walking the city streets. While she walked to and from meetings in the real world, she envisioned herself in a Roman town,  a space station or on a movie set.  Her life was rich with possibilities. 

As such was her morning. She was wrapped up within another fantasy. She was feeling as if she were shipwrecked. She was tossed and turned. She had no anchor. She was lost at sea. 

She drank her morning coffee wondering what the day would bring. She had secrets, spies and spaghetti to look forward to.  If only she could go roller skating as they did back in the day last century. Skating round and round holding hands with friends while singing to Duran Duran. 
She had to shake it all off. She was running late. She downed her coffee and decided she would need to take the shortcut today. She ran down the alley, looked up at the painting and tapped it twice. And she was swept up.

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  1. Ooo! What’s with hopping aboard my train wreck of happy yesterdays? Skate-in sushi? (Of course I’m aware you’ve just a minor jog to get there but I was after a pun and this came up looking up roller skate sushi (roulade, roller… skate being a ‘fish’ – roller skate! Baharharhar!)


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