The gremlin that steals the donuts in the middle of the morning


Poor little girl purple. She tried to be a good girl. She laughed and smiled and brought good humor to everything she did. Or at least she tried.  There were always going to be those that didn’t have such a disposition and they would, in turn, try to bring her down. Well, not neccesarily just her.   She tried to not take too many things personally.   Being the good humored and kind soul that she was, she tended to help many people out. Furthermore, she liked many furry creatures in the world. She felt at peace with them. There was then no other choice for her in her current situation.  She opened up her home to a gremlin in need.  She knew the rules about gremlins. Don’t feed them after midnight.  Can’t expose them to bright light and can’t get them wet.  Otherwise, gremlins were supposed to be fun and cute. This one gremlin, however, was not cuddly, kind, or useful. But she was a kind soul. Or so she believed that she was. Thus, she had an image to live up to.  The world wasn’t kind to gremlins. She allowed the gremlin to stay on and on. The hope was that the gremlin would find his way into the world and find his own paradise. Her home was small and her paradise. Yet, the gremlin made her feel unease for he was fearful, always hungry and longing for a warm bath. The world wasn’t kind out there for a gremlin but in her home were far too many pitfalls. While she did her best to feed the hungry gremlin she wanted a piece of cherry pie all for herself.   For it is the food of paradise. Surely, she could hold onto one thing for herself without being greedy. She loved the world and all she wanted was some pie.   There was no pie to be had. So she settled down for a few donuts. Sugar and a kind soul go hand in hand until they do not. She left the donuts on the counter while she tended to a bird in the yard. Her mind was restless and her soul overworked. She returned to the counter to find that her donuts were gone. All she had wanted was some cherry pie but she would have been happy with a donut. But the donut was gone. The gremlin had come in and taken the donut and scurried back to his homecave.  She felt a single tear fall onto her cheek. She grabbed the hose from the yard and watered the gremlin down while pulling back the curtains leetying the sun into the cave. He squeeled and then showed his true nature. He ran and foamed. He foamed and ran in circles. He showed his teeth covered in powdered sugar and finally ran into the cruel world. Where is he is anyone’s guess. She sat down and ordered a pie for next day delivery and she was the happiest she had ever been.

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