Buzzfeed thinks my life will be completely different 5 years from now

I will admit here front and center, I take the BuzzFeed quizzes. Do you know which ones I’m talking about?  You can easily spend  (waste) an hour completing 20 quizzes or so. They are beyond silly and, honestly, serve as a way for them to get back end marketing data. But with so many meetings packed into a single day, sometimes you need completely silly things to occupy your mind.

I took this one trending quiz in which I was to build out a pizza. By creating a pizza, Buzzfeed was to forecast where I would be in five years.  I took that literally hoping it would predict I would be back in New York in five years. I was hoping for some clear direction just like this bright moon in Sacramento from a few weeks back. 

But it was a bit fuzzier than that.

I first had to choose what type of pizza crust I wanted. I’m a New Yorker so I picked thin. Then I had to chose sauce. Again, I’m a New Yorker. I picked tomato sauce. Then I chose pepperoni.  I’m a bit of a pizza purist. I don’t like a garden on my pizza. Then I selected red crushed pepper as my extra bit. What did BuzzFeed do with all my choices? It shook it all up and told me that I was going to be in a completely different place in five years. Supposedly, in every respect, my life would be different.  I would live in a new place. I would have a new job. A new career even. A new outlook will be had. 
Considering that five years ago everything was completely different, I believe it. Question is, how many complete life changes can a person have in their lives? We often hear it’s never too late to change course or do something new. However, how often do people really engage in such change? 

I’m willing to do it. I’m excited. But can’t help but wonder how my life would supposedly turn out if I had chosen pesto versus tomato sauce for my BuzzFeed pizza. Actually, it’s the same outcome. 

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  1. I’ve also noticed that some of these quizzes give the same results to everyone no.matter what they choose. Or they have some bogus formula. I do take them sometimes anyway, but the ones I like actually test some knowledge one has, be it about history, geography or grammar, no.matter how trivial.

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  2. I love Buzzfeed quizzes- they don’t always give you the results you want or expect but just sometimes, they give you the results that make you twist your head on and say “yeah, that is something I could do.” And I think there’s something nice in having to look at new possibilities.


  3. I don’t do the quizzes even though they are intriguiging. My son works for apolitical consultancy in London England. He told me once that the results of the quizzes either Buzzfeed or the plethora of quizzes on Facebook all end up being funneled through the data scientists that work in the consultancy. That just gave me the creeps. I know they don’t really know it’s ME but still…..


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