How can you not sew at 50?

Right off the bat I will note, I don’t know how to drive. Im a New Yorker. That’s my excuse.  I’m not 50 years old. So, I have time to maybe learn. Maybe. Why did I set 50 as the age-marker? Why not?  30 is the new 20, and 50 is the new 40. None of it makes sense anymore. By the way, did you know that it was Nicole Kidman’s 50th birthday yesterday. Wow.  Can I have whatever she’s having?  Anyway, I don’t know know how to drive. But there’s time. 

There are always things we can learn and take into our brains. We should be ever-learning creatures. That’s my life philosophy. It’s how I try to run my organization as well. My goal is for it to be what’s referred to as a learning organization. We should be ever-evolving. 

With that said, I do find it surprising when people don’t know certain life skills at an older age. I just found out that a particular individual doesn’t know how to sew and she’s 50 years old. Then today, I met a six year who is attending sewing camp. Let me note, that I had never heard of such a camp before. It actually sounds cool for an urban area camp. See, here’s the thing in regards to sewing. There’s a dry cleaner/tailor everywhere in the city. Thus, I truly believe there are many people these days that don’t even have a sewing kit.  Let me clarify one thing. I myself don’t sew. However, I have a sewing kit and can, if pressed, hem my pants. I have the basic survivor sewing skills.  I am surprised that others don’t.  But I won’t judge.

There are many things we just let go by and that we don’t bother to learn.  But do we have to let it be as such? I don’t know how to play the piano but maybe I could still learn. Then again it’s not necessarily an essential life skill. I don’t know how to skateboard but I’m in a good city on which I could readily learn. I don’t know how to make a quiche. But then again I hate the taste of quiche. I’m cool not knowing.  And when I hit 50, I probably still won’t know. 
Yes, it’s believable that someone would be 50 and still not know how to sew.  There’s things we can keep striving to learn and things that we can outsource.  That’s the beauty of being the captain of your ship.

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  1. I quit actively sewing at 14 right after sewing my thumb….who knew how har har it was to own a “singer?” I am not fifty either. I do in theory know how to pour scrambled eggs into a pie crust and actually can. stand some quiche even if it is frightening stuff! 😉 just as it took a lifetime to finally get to try something in BEETS i could stand which as life fulls and thus tastes alter, I was please to say i hated beets to trying to find a sort of redemption to them which i did in a signature dish – sweet heat kebabs…. beet brine, soy cranberry juice hotsauce sometimes lime marinating the usual suspects..if you know your “Casablanca” (’42 bogart, bergman) only to have a rightousness of revelation attending a family dinner where the beets suddenly were GOOD which was a good decade later. white fence farm – a popular denver metro area place with a family atmosphere gift shop tourist trap good chicken and all that. all you can eat sides with a reasonable portioned chicken offering or other things to make sure that they get the poo pooer obstinate ruiners there too 😀 one is always welcome to learn 😉 fifty or not. in that case har har all about good beets? did i mention borschdt? i should have! mmmm. even if i ruin mine with cow 😀 I’m bullish about things.


      • 😀 you do realize the whining this can ellicit? :D… and so you understand total victory of principal even if normally i agree i knew this I went out and inadvertantly sat in a puddle …think whining have opportunity! humph.


  2. I can’t sew, except to sew on a button. Even that I try to avoid. I fortunately have a friend who does small sewing jobs for me. My husband has a sewing machine and used to sew badges on my son’s scout vest, bit now never uses it. I almost failed home ec in 8th grade.

    Driving is different. My husband’s cousin is a 69 year old man who never learned – his wife does all the driving. Like my 41 year old stepdaughter, he never felt the need to learn living in the city of Chicago. But I lived in LA for several years and getting around was almost impossible without a car or driver’s license. Maybe public transportation is better there now. Otherwise wouldn’t it be frustrating and isolating?


  3. Wow, I love reading what you have to say. Fun! Too funny!! This sewing camp thing sounds amazing. Do they make them for adults? Lol Also, I wanted so bad to comment on that post about the 8 year old son and his chores just to say to me it sounds like a lovely child with a lovely parent. Bless you guys! Sweetest story. Really enjoyed it!


      • And if there isn’t, there should be! I have to say that many of us boomer parents gave our kids so much in the way of material things and bigger learning opportunities that we may have overlooked the fact that they were missing out on learning some essential life skills, like sewing, balancing a checkbook, etc.. To quote our tweeting Prez – Sad!


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