I wish I could touch the moon while eating a donut

I like donuts. I could even say that I love donuts. Although, I could never be at the Homer Simpson level of donut love. That truly is intense. Plus, I maybe eat a donut once every six months or so. Does that constitute love?


I work in clinic and thus so-called bad food is often frowned upon. But, let me tell you if you bring im the early morning a box of 48 munchkins, by noon they will be gone. All gone. I’m not passing judgement the way others do. One donut every once in a blue moon won’t hurt ya. It may even fill you with grand momentary joy. Even if you then feel like you have to go work out afterwards for your food-sin. Which truly we should let the sin-eater absolve. Have I been random enough for ya?
While I debatably love donuts, I don’t care for Dunkin Donuts. One, they don’t taste super fatty and donuts should taste fatty. Otherwise, what’s the point?  Two, I grew up eating NYC corner-store donuts. Yum. Three, I always associated Dunkin Donuts with Boston and as a New Yorker that will not do. Growing up there were barely any Dunkin Donuts -those were further up in New England. Now they are everywhere. But I’m old school and thus prefer other types of donuts.


Luckily for me, I live in Los Angeles for now where every other street on the main drags has a local donut shop or two. There is a place called Yum Yum that I desperately would like to try sometime.  I have been here for over a year now and I have yet to step ointo any of these local donut shops. The horror. And apparently I am missing out on something. As we were driving around various neighborhoods looking for a house, I came across this donut shop that (just like almost everything else in LA) has a drive-thru. It’s called  Randy’s donuts and the line was long.  We kept driving but my stomach growled to no avail.




When I got home, looked out my windows and caught a beautiful sight.  It was a skyline covered in the glow of the moon. I stood transfixed at my window. I closed my eyes and wondered what the next day would bring. Would I find a new home to call my on in this odd city?  There is no core to this city but here I am wishing to find one to call my own.


I looked out my window wishing that I could touch that glorious moon and maybe have a bite of a delicious creme-filled donut.   It’s not much to ask for, right?


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  1. My favorites are Voodoo Donut in Denver and Federal Donut in Philly. At the latter you can make it even more unhealthy by getting some fried chicken with your donut.


  2. You just reminded me, I haven’t had a donut in a long time. My childhood favorite was the cinnamon apple filled donut at Krispy Kreme. Yum! 😋
    Also, it really is a shame how our society makes us want to label certain foods as “good” or “bad” and feel guilty for consuming certain treats.


  3. Had 4 Munchkins for lunch just this morning! Donut shops was one the food choices that was sorely lacking in my new Southern hometown. Then, miraculously all at once, two shops opened almost at the same time, one of them a DD. I like DD donuts and their coffee, though I do not salivate over it and search to find where bags of their brand can be purchased for home use, like some of my former coworkers.

    Krispy Kremess originated in the South and are famous here for the sign in the local shops where they’re made that show them as hot and fresh. Don’t have one of those where I live now. There was one in the last Southern town but still I don’t think they could hold a candle to the ones you can buy in all the shops around the L.A. area, or even the other shop where I now live. That latter one also makes them in unusual flavors, like covered with Froot Loops. I have passed on that flavor but their other fresh baked varieties are very good, almost as good as where you live now.

    I hope you realize that Randy’s Donuts is a landmark building in Inglewood, California, near Los Angeles International Airport, according to Wikipedia. The entry there also noted that Randy’s donuts can be seen from airplanes landing at LAX (on the starboard side of the plane). You’ll have to check that out sometime and verify if it’s really true! And, if that’s a landmark in the area where you’re looking at homes, they you’re in the South Bay, which is still the area that I truly consider to be my home. If you purchase a home there, I think you and your son will both be very happy, as I was growing up there.

    Wikipedia also has an entry for Yum-Yum Donuts, a chain of donut shops based in California, founded in 1971. The original location, at Avenue 26 and Figueroa Street in the Cypress Park district of Los Angeles, California is still in operation. The company also operates the older and larger Winchell’s Donuts chain, which Yum-Yum purchased in 2004. The headquarters for both chains are in the City of Industry, California. I have also had my share of both of these brands and found them to be really good, too.


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