Oil and fame: Two ends of the dreams of Los Angeles


Los Angeles is not at all like what you see on television. Although, admittedly, the television show of Lethal Weapon often shows scenes filmed in my neighborhood of downtown LA.   I have even, I believe, seen them filming scenes for that show. Which is very cool. But, I must admit, on my old work block in New York City Law and Order was filming there every other day; as well as Spiderman and many more. Thus, I did not come to Los Angeles hoping to catch a scene being filmed. I’m a bit over that.


Even with my jaded self, I still stretch my neck out to see what is being filmed in my neighborhood. Why not?


Just this weekend, though, I was reminded of the multi-faceted nature of Los Angeles that goes beyond the film industry.  As we embarked on our wekeend ritual of going to look at open houses we decided to explore new more southern bay areas. As we drove around we came across a site that always startles me out here. We came across wells. Oil wells. Apparently, this is a longstanding tradition. Even the Atlantic Magazine did a piece on the urban oil fields of Los Angeles.  And these are plenty. Its not just a one-off here and there.



Can you imagine buying a home in Los Angeles and finding that there is oil there under? It’s a dream come true. One dream that is not necessarily expected in this area. Texas, we ain’t.


As we contemplated the houses that we had seen, we stopped for a good bite to eat. I wzs ecstatic because I got to order a Loco Moco -one of my favorite dishes from my happy place (Hawaii). How yummy it was to eat come comfort food in the middle of an urban oil field. Dreams and wishes can come true.



We went home soon thereafter not set on any home we had seen. Our search was to continue another day. When I got home and looked out my window, funny enough, I caught a film crew setting up for a night shoot. The dream always continues here.


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  1. I love ruthless engineering, the raw mechanics​ of a machine are great to and that shot really captures it
    The most you get to see in my area is a barn or a tractor!

    Hope you enjoyed your grub, looks epic


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