What happens when the next plague hits

Maybe I watch too much television. Actually, it’s not a maybe. I watch a lot of television shows at off hours and in binge spurts as I records all my shows of interest. Watching anything live us an extreme exercise in trying to stay “present” I actually wish I could do that with my countless, numerous meetings. Can I just record them and watch them at midnight when I’m suffering through insomnia?  It may one day become reality. Don’t mock me. But first we’d have to survive the next plague. 

Can you imagine waking up in a hospital room in a world that’s gone zombie crazy? The Walking Dead was truly a great show that first season. But perhaps I’ve seen it and similar shows like it, a few times too many. For I truly expect some new plague to hit us all in the coming years. It could be a mild “plague” or it could be one that rots our brain structures and makes us hungry for rats.

 What would we do as a society?

We have all seen this television shows and movies. We have some scripts to follow. We gather all guns as well as bow and arrows and gasoline. We hoard up on ho-hos because those will never go bad. We get a merry band of warriors together. 

Such a band should have a fast runner and a plain old psychotic person who just doesn’t care about it. They are bound to survive. You either secure a high vantage point or a navy ship. You also never go out at night. Got it! 
What then?
Will people take selfies galore? Will people go into social media withdrawal. Will people turn on each other or try to help one another as much as possible? Will they have remembered the CDC’s video on how to survive a zombie apocalypse? Considering that the CDC is currently having difficulties in building our some secure labs, I wouldn’t hang out in there?  Also, considering how quickly and nastier people turn on each other on both the Bachelor and Survivor, I’d be weary of any interconnections.
My main question is whether we could survive by eating some NYC rats.  They are plentiful and fat. Surely, one can achieve sustenance from them. 

I was just driving down a California street (well, I wasn’t physically driving) when I spotted a sky that was both ominous and hopeful. It seemed to speak to me that against all odds one can persevere. 
What happens when the next plague hits? We hit back. And hopefully leave all the craziness of today behind. 

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  1. Oh, god, I hope we never have to survive by eating NYC rats. That would be the worst thing ever. I don’t want to think of the elements that went into making them fat like that. I love the photograph, and specially love the line ‘both ominous and hopeful’. As long as there is hope in the world, we can fight back ❤


  2. I recommend the scifi novel Station Eleven. I think the author’s name is Emily St John Mandel. It’s about what happens in a future flu epidemic in which few people have immunity. I really enjoyed it.


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