Dear cupcake: Why are you mocking me?

I am a fairly even-tempered temperamental person. The same way that I am an extroverted introvert. I believe in justice and fairness, but also believe it cannot be uniform. Thus, I may at times present a complicated persona. Many moons ago, a network colleague wrote a letter complaining about how she couldn’t get a read on me. She was really peeved that she didn’t know which way I would “vote” on things. I laughed and shrugged it off. The best offense is to keep people off-balance. Not that I needed an offense or defense. In the business world, maybe even in general, it’s best to be a bit of an enigma. Can certainly get one more drinks at a bar. Although, I’m fairly consistent in my love of rum drinks. 

Where am I going with this?

I’m fairly even tempered. Yet this week, I had to not be. I hate it but I can be very good at it. I’ve been told I’m a bit scary. I have no idea why that would be as I say most things with a smile and a small laugh. Perhaps it’s the laugh. Anyway, towards the end of the week I had to attend a day-long outside the office meeting while also handling three other dial in meetings.  It was enough to make anyone loopy. As I sat in the day long meeting I wondered more and more why I had to be there. 

Then lunch came. I mistakenly swallowed a butter ball whole. It was mixed in with my tomatoes and tofu. It was an honest mistake anyone else could make.  It went down pretty smoothly and coated my throat and stomach. I figured it was better that than the fish dish they had that could have killed me. Got to look at the positives in each moment. 
I grabbed more tofu so that the ball of butter wouldn’t be lonely in my tummy. It was well accepted. I then handled a few more calls and decided to grab dessert. They had red velvet mini cupcakes. Score! It was both a treat and a form of harm reduction. 

I looked down at my plate and I felt that the cupcake was mocking me. It had a smirk on its face. Don’t you agree?

When your cupcake smirks at you, it’s time to finish up and leave. I felt like I was in the middle of a Donnie Darko movie scene. All I needed was for a rabbit to come on in. I know I cannot be alone in having such a feeling. Everything mocks these days. I tried a joke in the middle of the meeting with a new acquaintance, it went way over his head. So much so that in turn I was offended. Yikes. I wanted to say to him “no more jokes for you!” Life really can be a bit surreal and a bit like a Seinfeld episode. Or is it that Seinfeld has shaped our world? (Whether or not you’re familiar with the show).
I only ate half of my cupcake. It was dry and nothing bothers me more than dry food. My dog was right…

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  1. Hahaha, ‘no more jokes for you’ that would be hilarious if you had said that though! Also, yes, you are absolutely right. That cupcake does look like it is smirking…. albeit a very goofy smirk.


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